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Book Page Wreath Tutorial

After searching the internet for a good book page wreath tutorial and not finding one I wrote a step by step to follow....Easy to do and very inexpensive. This wreath cost me $.10 for the book and $1.00 for the foam core wreath form I made. Then the glue sticks. Less than $5 for the whole project and what an impact this makes.
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To see more: http://vintagepaintandmore.blogspot.com/2013/11/book-page-wreath-tutorial.html

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  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Mc Kinney, TX

    I saw one of these at a beach house we rented for summer vacation and you put a small piece of paper in the cones that had wishes or inspirations for the next guest to read it was pretty neat to see what others had said.

  • Mona Hart Treasures
    Mona Hart Treasures Richmond, TX

    Will have to give this a try. Love this!

  • Sue Sanders
    Sue Sanders Broken Arrow, OK

    Have you ever tried to spray paint one of these flowers. If you could find a paint can that sends out a very fine spray you could add color. Might not work but just thinking out loud. I'd probably get my book at Goodwill for a few dollars to cut

    • Valerie
      Valerie Raleigh, NC

      I have made this using team colors by spray painting the cones.

  • Hildegarde
    Hildegarde Germany

    I've seen this one on YouTube. A women showed us how to do this from begging to end with very old music sheets - amazing. She took as a basis styrofoam. The entire wreath was so beautiful that I couldn't stop think about it. I have found my new

  • Hutchison2

    I would love direction/size for the big wreath.
    This is beautiful!
    I have been looking for directions
    Thank You

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