• Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    It's a tough market right now - everywhere, it seems.
  • Chaya K
    Chaya K New York, NY
    Are you in the mortgage business?
  • JL Spring & Associates
    Phillip, there's radio ads running all over Richmond selling the "49 thousand dollar house" from their exclusive foreclosure list...Might be time to make up for some lost income doing BPOs and Short Sale work! Best to you and may God Bless Obamanomics!
  • TonyaM Williams
    TonyaM Williams Atlanta, GA
    Hi all...the good news is Real Estate is alive and kickin'...but if you are a Seller you are more likely getting "kicked". Prices are down appraisals are tight and inventory is high. The bottom line is its a Buyers Market for those who can qualify(lots
  • Woodbridge Environmental Tiptophouse.com
    I agree with TonyaM on this. If your selling you need to fix the house and have it staged. Get a pre-sale home inspection done and even though you feel your home is worth more listen to the experts. As a buyer, there are some great deals out there now.
  • Terry Haas
    Terry Haas Charleston, SC
    I agree with Tonya--it is a tough market and like it or not, forclosures and short sales are your competition,but there is a bright side. There are buyers out there and deals are happening.
  • Nicole L
    Nicole L Virginia Beach, VA
    After I finish Pharmacy school, I plan on getting my Real Estate license. I love looking at homes and doing improvements. It's a lot of fun! While things are hard now, they will improve! I think right now Hampton Roads the main problem is large
  • Terry Haas
    Terry Haas Charleston, SC
    You are correct! Real Estate is a cycle. It will come back--slower this round but none the less come back.

    What everyone needs to remember is that if you are a seller today, you will most likely be a buyer as well. You may be

Philip M