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Real Estate was fun while it lasted:)

on Jun 20, 2011
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  • TonyaM Williams
    TonyaM Williams Atlanta, GA

    Hi all...the good news is Real Estate is alive and kickin'...but if you are a Seller you are more likely getting "kicked". Prices are down appraisals are tight and inventory is high. The bottom line is its a Buyers Market for those who can

  • Woodbridge Environmental Tiptophouse.com

    I agree with TonyaM on this. If your selling you need to fix the house and have it staged. Get a pre-sale home inspection done and even though you feel your home is worth more listen to the experts. As a buyer, there are some great deals out there

  • Terry Haas
    Terry Haas Charleston, SC

    I agree with Tonya--it is a tough market and like it or not, forclosures and short sales are your competition,but there is a bright side. There are buyers out there and deals are happening.
    If you are a Seller, hang on and make smart decisions. Get

  • Nicole L
    Nicole L Virginia Beach, VA

    After I finish Pharmacy school, I plan on getting my Real Estate license. I love looking at homes and doing improvements. It's a lot of fun! While things are hard now, they will improve! I think right now Hampton Roads the main problem is large

  • Terry Haas
    Terry Haas Charleston, SC

    You are correct! Real Estate is a cycle. It will come back--slower this round but none the less come back.
    What everyone needs to remember is that if you are a seller today, you will most likely be a buyer as well. You may be taking a "hit" when