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Progress on Our Basement Renovations....Stage 1

We bought our first home last summer. It was in great shape, has the most gorgeous corner lot and was a good size for a starter home. The only down side of the home was it needed a little updating. We decided to start downstairs a week into buying our home. The basement is a great size and has large windows but the previous owners had redid all the carpets except the hideous blue downstairs and left the wall paneling up. We new this room would be the family/play room for us and would get used a lot so on a whim my husband just started ripping the paneling down, painting trim and walls. The renovations are still going of course. We left the carpet in and decided we'd wait til this summer to replace them, the fireplace is still in need of framing and possibly a white wash effect. We left the trim off the bottoms of the walls until we change the flooring. The furniture and decor is all of our leftovers we have no place for right now but like I said it's only stage one and still needs tons of editing and that will all change but I wanted to share the progress thus far. I'm just excited the wood paneling is down and walls are painted. You can see more on the blog...http://quirkycool.blogspot.com/2014/03/progress-on-our-basement.html
  • progress on our basement renovations stage 1, basement ideas, home decor
  • progress on our basement renovations stage 1, basement ideas, home decor

To see more: http://quirkycool.blogspot.com/2014/03/progress-on-our-basement.html

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  • Judy
    Judy Staunton, VA

    Love your area rug and the colors in it, really gives a nice pop of color, looks nice.

  • Ri-Lee
    Ri-Lee Munford, TN

    This is just all to busy for me. Way to much color. I think it would look a lot better, if you toned it down.

    • Kimberly Noelle
      Kimberly Noelle Cheyenne, WY

      @Ri-Lee Yes it does need to be toned down but if you read the post I explain the reasoning behind it all. I was just sharing what a difference the room has gone through since we moved in with wood paneling down and paint on walls. This room is full

  • Misty Risko
    Misty Risko Summerfield, FL

    I think this is my most favorite room transformation -ever. I love everything about it especially the mural. Wow, looks like a room I want to come home too!

  • Audra Mason
    Audra Mason De Soto, KS

    Keep the chairs if they are comfy becasue if you replace them with smaller ones, your loved ones will miss those chairs. I have a chair I dislike but my husband loves it so I KEEP IT.....COMFORT is what a basement is for. Tone down what? It is a lot

  • Maureen Macdonald

    The area rug really pulled it together when looking at pics before u had it and after. I really appreciated showing the room in stAges as we cannot always chg it a at once. I m known as Maureen the budget queen as I do amazing transformations w

    • Kimberly Noelle
      Kimberly Noelle Cheyenne, WY

      @Maureen Macdonald Thank you so much. It's under construction right now. We had to take out the fire place and carpet, now trying to figure out what to paint the walls that will go nicely with the mural?

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