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Can I put a wall of pictures on wallpaper background?

  • Absolutely! Lay out your groupings on the floor first.

  • Barbara
    Barbara Buckeye, AZ

    Yes, check out Pinterest for ideas.

  • Michele Pappagallo
    Michele Pappagallo Myrtle Beach, SC

    Sure! The pictures will help to cover the pattern of the wallpaper, you you don't have to worry about it being too busy. Just keep in mind that you will be making holes in the wallpaper, so if you ever change your mind, the holes will probably be hard to cover up.

  • Dfm
    Dfm Cascade, IA

    Yes. But do test your hangers traditional, Velcro..some where not usually see.

  • Donna Powell
    Donna Powell Seymour, TN

    Of course. The great way to do this is cut paper to size for each frame and tape them to the wall first to figure out a good layout. Command strips may damage the wallpaper so check their website before using them.

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