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Repurposed 5 Oz Glass ''OUI'' Yogurt Jar

I do Product demos part-time and one of the samplings was for Yoplait's new French style yogurt ''OUI'' that comes in a 5 oz glass jar. Since I like to repurpose items the jar once emptied looked like it would make a nice votive candle holder.

Time: 1 Hours Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
But more plans for the jars came to mind as the day and many samples served progressed. I am going to share some ideas for the empty and cleaned jars in this post which you can easily do and modify to your own liking.
The French style yogurt is delicious and good for you too so it won't take long to accumulate a few empties. I had the help of many shoppers.
I have yet to make a small candle dish or Votive holder from any of the jars but other ideas for the jars came to mind and were started.
Since we are in the Holiday season the yogurt jars would make nice decorated candy dishes that can be embellished however you like.
These seen here were done to see how each candy looked in the jar first.
This is one of the first jars I painted using acrylic paints that could be heat set to allow them to be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher.
You could easily paint something like this and seal it with a clear gloss.
I did not know it until after I used this decorative tape ( which worked well too) that a mason jar cap fits nicely on the jar. Not the ring just the cap. The art is on the reverse side of the above photo.
The jars are listed as single use by the company, likely for liability. But what a waste this would be for the jars.
When I was heat setting a couple of the jars and they did not break I decided to do a test bake in some. So when I was making banana bread I simply added some to three jars. Worked fine tasted great. Use caution and inspect the jars if you do this one.
You can always use no-bake mixes and avoid hot oven temperatures.

Simply add a little whip topping and you are done.
I looked up some recipes in a Taste of Home recipe book and some mini bake ideas at Allrecipes.com. One cake not seen here is an upside down pineapple cake. I made three..since they are small.
Though my first couple of attempts at growing single service microgreens
did not turn out quite as I hoped these did show promise.
So have some fun and get creative.

Peeling the labels is a little challenging the good news is they generally peel in one piece. I used GooGone to remove the glue.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Glass jars
  • Bake goods

To see more: https://www.philjrsartscraftemore.com

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