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Penny Loafer Shoes

I made myself a pair of decorative shoes for the front door of my apartment. I can wear them too. I used pennies because there are shoes with the actual name penny loafers. The super glue i used was regular super glue. I used the glue to glue down the pennies and the spiders. I do this too my shoes after they become a little dirty. It makes them look brand new again. Its a creative way to doctor up your old shoes. The penny roll papers were the toughest part. I had tkuse way more super glue in order to get them to stick to the rubber soles of the shoes. I held them to the soles of the shoes for about a minute and a half, after applying super glue. I know your wondering about howi got the spiders to stick on to the shoes? Simple, there was a round and flat surface at the bottom of the spiders. I super glued the bottom of the spider to a penny. The coloring of the shoes were simple. Shoes are easy to color. I didnt even use expensive markers. The cheap ones work too but the color shows up lighter on the shoes. Everything else is pretty much explanitory. Please try this project and have fun with your old dirty shoes. Dont throw them away
Time: 30 Minutes Cost: $20 Difficulty: Medium
I took an ordinary pair of casual shoes and i turned them into these bizarre penny loafers. I colored them about 5 different colors with markers, super glued on some pennies, penny roll papers, and halloween spiders. They turned out ok? U think?

Materials I used for this project:

  • Pennies   (Coin jar)
  • Penny rolls   (Bank)
  • Super glue   (Dollar store)
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