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Pine Cone Wreath for Thanksgiving

Make a pine cone wreath for Thanksgiving. It was easy to put together and I only ran into one tricky part with the placement of the inner circle of cones. Since the low country of South Carolina doesn’t have an abundance of pine trees that drop tons of cones, I went a different route and bought 2 bags of cinnamon scented pine cones at a craft store. That did save time on cleaning them.
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
I used most of two bags that I purchased at JoAnn’s. They were on sale, along with the stems, ribbons, and the thankful sign. I had the wreath form on hand, so that helped with the cost.

One word of caution: Be careful with with the hot glue for this project. All of the cones are glued to the wreath and have to be positioned just so. I was not as careful as I should have been! Start by adding hot glue to the wreath form and pressing the cone into the glue. It does take a little while to complete this because you’ll want to hold each cone in place for about 30 seconds. For a few of the cones, I needed to secure them with a piece of clear fishing line. 
Continuing securing the pine cones around the outer side of the wreath form with the tips of the cones pointing outward. 
I needed something to go into the center of the wreath form and since I often toss items into my craft supply that I think I might find a use for, I found two cardboard circles that came from frozen pizzas. It would have been easier if I had one piece that fit the entire circle, but I didn’t, so I just overlapped these two. Even though they don’t fill the circle, there was enough space to glue the cones on.  I glued the two circles together and then glued them to the wreath form. 
I tried gluing the inner circle of cones by adding glue to the bottom of them. It didn’t work. I glued a small piece of felt to the bottoms and then glued that to the cardboard. That worked much better
Complete the inner circle by adding cones around it. 
To cover the cardboard, I glued an assortment of leaves.
I used the small berry picks and acorn picks as filler for any empty spots. A small garland is added around the cones. Some of the picks needed to be glued in place, others could be wedged in
There are quite a few ways to make a bow. The way I made this one is simple. It has several steps, but it comes together quickly.  You can read a complete step by step how to in the link at the bottom of this post.
I painted the thankful sign using paint I had on hand. It’s Waverly in Rhubarb. Before adding the bow to the wreath, I took the wreath outside and sprayed it with a coat of Krylon Clear Sealer. Hopefully this will protect the sign and the berry picks from the rain. 

I added a white berry pick that I found in my craft stash and looped the sign over the stem to hang at an angle.

Gluing the pine cones was the only time consuming part of this. That took about 30 minutes. Adding in the other items and allowing for time for paint to dry added a little more time, but it can be made in under an hour.
To see more, please visit the link below.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Pine Cones   (JoAnns)
  • Floral Picks, Stems, & Leaves   (JoAnns)
  • Ribbon   (JoAnns)
See all materials

To see more: http://www.acrosstheblvd.com/2017/11/pine-cone-wreath-for-thanksgiving/

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