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Recycling an Old Canvas and Adding a Pop of Colour to Our Dining Room

I've had a canvas lying around for quite a while. When I started teaching I painted a butterfly on it and used it as a birthday calender. When I moved onto primary school it no longer had a place in my classroom. I have slowly been redecorating in our house and felt it was time for a bit of colour in the dinning room. And of course I had the perfect canvas to recycle.............
Time: 5 Weeks Cost: $2 Difficulty: Easy
I painted over the butterfly with an "Aged White" chalk paint undercoat. The reason I chose chalk paint is I find it covers well without having to paint a couple of layers, and I like the texture thereof.
I love music sheets and pasted old music sheets over it, once the undercoat had dried. I used an acrylic gel medium to paste the music sheets. Gel medium is a paste/ glue which sticks really well. It dries opaque. It's also used on canvases to create texture.
I chose my 3 favourite flowers and over a period of time (Thats why it took 5 weeks), as and when I had a spare moment I painted a flower. I finished it this weekend and hung it in our dinning room. So happy with the end result.
It's brightened up the dininng room and added abit of me into it.........

Materials I used for this project:

  • Canvas   (Recycled)
  • Music sheets   (Bought at a 2nd Hand Shop)
  • Acrylic paint   (Hardware store)

Ask the creator about this project

  • Wendy
    16 hours ago

    How gorgeous!!

  • Leah Deverett
    Leah Deverett
    10 hours ago

    This is SO stunning. I love how you incorporated the music sheets. You're super talented!

    • Samantha
      Samantha South Africa
      10 hours ago

      Hello Leah. Thank you.. The old music sheets have such a nice surface to paint on. I am in no way musical, but I have bought so many old music sheets. They appeal to my creative side.

  • Teresa
    Teresa Schenectady, NY
    5 hours ago


  • Elise Lydon
    Elise Lydon Royston, GA
    3 hours ago

    Very nice. I have a canvas like this that want to paint, but imam not artistic! Need to find someone. Very nice!

    • Elise Lydon
      Elise Lydon Royston, GA
      30 minutes ago

      Thanks for responding, I will try. That's good advise. Beautiful work on your part.

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