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Nature Design Keepsake Box

Gift Ideas Anyone?
I love everything inspired by Nature as well as thoughtfully handmade gifts.
I also enjoy making treasure boxes, books and handmade keepsakes out of paper I make from pulp mixed in a blender and embellished with nature fragments.
These help my memories last a lifetime -- for special vacations and events like my daughter's wedding.
Here's a treasure keepsake box I made that I hope you'll enjoy.

Time: 6 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Medium
OK. Here's a bunch of boxes that could be turned into something special. Could hold treasures for gift giving or keepsakes or jewelry or.... hmmm I really didn't know what I would do when I started, or how far I'd go with this idea. 
I picked the cardboard green box, probably over 20 years old, had a stack of ancient photos in it... It was slightly larger than a cigar box and deeper.
I thought about a leather box my mom had for her jewelry. I had scraps of cream leather left from the window seat I made.... hmmm.
Could I cover it up with the leather and embellish it so it fits into my nature theme?
Let's try it!
I cut the top so it could be hinged open.
I cut the leather to wrap around the top.
I used duct tape to hold everything into place.

I smeared mod podge all over the inside cover and started layering leaves, thin bark and hand-made papers I have collected over the years for my art classes on paper-making.
You can use photos or store-bought papers. I wanted a Nature theme.
I brush each piece in mod podge and apply wet in layers.
If you collect peeling bark in a forest... and treat it with a water-based wax varnish --- maybe even mod podge would work for this too --- you get a very leathery look. Works with many fall leaves too. Thin layers of bark and leaves have a beautiful translucency too. They will last for many years when properly preserved this way.
After I covered most of the box inside and out... I taped and glued the leather top I made into place.
For the bottom I cut a piece of thin particle board with an exacto knife and covered it's top with the leather too. I use PV Adhesive, just like standard white glue -- except considered "artist quality" -- lasts forever without cracking or getting brittle.
I also used the same thin particle board on the base, slightly oversized, and glued stubby feet cut out of wine-bottle corks.
I made this medallion out of a funky piece of wood veneer and a chunk of aspen bark that I coated with water-based wax varnish.
I top-coated every non-leather surface of the box with the wax varnish as well.
I trimmed the base with nylon cord that I covered with PVA white glue and scooted around the top of the oversized particle board. If there are any gaps I fill them with the Mod Podge.
Here's how cute it looks inside now.
I also added a magnet to the top and bottom so it has a satisfying click of closure.
Can you believe the difference?
This is now a sweet keepsake box that you can keep for yourself or give as a present. You can spend as little or as much time embellishing it as you like. Use fabrics, papers, nature fragments, veneers or ....
I'd love to see what you come up with!

Materials I used for this project:

  • PVA glue poly-vinyl acetate -- or white glue   (Amazon or artists supply)
  • Mod Podge, matte finish   (Walmart)
  • Polyvine Dead Flat Wax Varnish   (Online artists supply)
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Ask the creator about this project

  • Wendy

    Wow, Adele! I love watching the process, these are gorgeous!

  • Mary
    Mary Maple Park, IL

    How cool is that? Thank you for sharing!

  • Clock
    Clock Canada
    23 hours ago

    Wow... This would look so nice in my living room!!

  • Kaye
    Kaye Kaukauna, WI
    23 hours ago

    Great write up. Thanks.

  • Lenora Lynn Creek Moore
    Lenora Lynn Creek Moore Gillette, WY
    20 hours ago

    Wow, I love how you combined several used old projects into one and several learned craft skills into one. Very nice. Unique gift idea!

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