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Corn Husk Wreath With Deer Antlers.

Corn husks are popular this time of year. My mom and Tias made tamales for the holidays,especially New Years,afterwards I always wondered how they could be reused...well here's one way. By the way I didnt get to eat any delicious tamales,these were new right out of the bag.
Time: 4 Hours Cost: $17 Difficulty: Easy
I chose a 14" straw wreath
2.5" floral picks(next time use the largest)
24 gauge floral wire(wire that came on picks is to flimsy)
1--15oz bag of corn husks
glue gun
wire snips(cutters)
Husks have to be softened first. You can fill your sink with hot water or in a large pot fill with water add your husks put on stovetop to boil.
Using tongs,remove husks when softened and put in a rectangle cake pan with a dish towel to absorb water. Sorry no picture😢
Now you may began folding 1 leaf at a time,put a floral pick in the middle and bring right side to middle,than bring left side to middle,hold in one hand. Cut a 2" piece of floral wire,with wire snips and wrap around bottom of husk and pick. You can remove wire that is attached to floral pick,this wire is flimsy and won't hold.
DONT remove plastic from straw wreath.
Push your pick and husk through wreath. Cover
wreath with husks.
Adding floral pick to folded husk.
folding right and left side over pick. Twisting floral wire around husk and pick. here I used my pliers to twist the wire.
i stopped here to attach antlets,with 24 gauge wire.
I also hot glued my dried florals and salt cedar sticks.
wrapping folded husks on top of one another and wrapping with wire.
Finished flower.
Sorry picture out of order.
Making my flower.
Attach flowers with wire still on flower.

Materials I used for this project:

  • 14"straw wreath   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Floral picks2.5 in. (I recommend larger)   (Hobby lobby)
  • Corn Husks   (Grocery store)
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