Mason Jar Photo Gallery

Photo Projects 2 days ago
Easily transform clear mason jars into an instant photo gallery.
Time: 5 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
Clean out jars and choose ones with clear glass. Insert 4x6 (or smaller) photographs.
Choosing all black and white or sepia toned images adds impact.
I like to add detail shots mixed in with portraits for added interest. Display them all together for a fun and interesting photo gallery!

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  • AJ Ogden
    AJ Ogden Floral Park, NY
    I love everything about this! My boys are all grown now, so i'm going to find pictures of them when they were little and do this! I can't wait! Thanks so much for posting!
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    Wow, I love this idea!
  • Diamond Chamberlin
    How much easier, simple and pretty can you get? Love it.
Alice Wingerden