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The Mason Jar Lights Everyone's Talking About

Saved to Idea Box. Organize

There are few items more beloved by DIYer's than the Mason Jar. Cheap, and unbelievably customizable- it can be utilized in many different ways around the home.

One of the most popular uses of the handy ole mason jar is lighting. Its twist-lid design allows for easy attachment to light fixtures, and it's sturdy glass construction is not flammable.

Throughout most of their history -- dating back to 1858 -- mason jars were used for canning, but are now most often used for creative home decor purposes. According to Ad Age, as most Americans began feeling the effects of the 2008 recession, their habits turned towards being more resourceful and thrifty. Mason jars became a popular decor fixture because they were both inexpensive and an icon of vintage, homegrown style.

Quite a few DIYers cite the Pottery Barn Exeter Pendant, or Mason Jar Chandelier as their source of inspiration for their own, less expensive, mason jar light designs. Following the rise of early crafters utilizing mason jars, Pottery Barn introduced their beautiful mason jar design in 2010.

Here are some of our favorite styles of the mason jar light, all crafted by users here on Hometalk!

Mason Jar Solar Lights

This idea is one of the most popular projects on Hometalk. Solar lit mason jars are a perfect way to use your mason jar lights anywhere- no need to worry about electrical wiring or pre-existing light fixtures. We love the simple and easy How-To designed by Melissa from Keep Calm and Decorate , using solar lights from her local dollar store! Check our her post for instructions.

Mason Jar Chandelier

The chandelier look is the perfect way to add a homey touch to your space, and can hang from your ceiling or your wall. We were blown away by Robin from All Things Heart and Home'sDIY design. She yearned for some extra reading light in her favorite morning spot on the back porch. Adding this chandelier ensured she had ample light to read, and made her special morning ritual feel that much cozier.

Hometalk Tip: By adding extra ribbons or bows you can style this look to perfectly match your decor style

Mason Jar Light Fixture

Subtle, but classic, this style of mason jar lighting adds the perfect rustic twist to your current design scheme. You can't beat Melissa from Two It Yourself's DIY project for this look aEUR" just a $4 update! She wanted to add a fresh look to her bathroom, but as a new homeowner had little extra spending money for a full revamp. This inexpensive project achieved a Pottery Barn look, on a Dollar Store budget!

Mason Jar Pendant Lights

It was the Pottery Barn mason jar pendant light that inspired the mason jar trend after-all. This style of mason jar lighting is quite universal- it will match any style of home decor!

When Jacque and Matt from The DIY Villagemoved into their new home, they were quite eager to find a budget-friendly way to replace their existing kitchen pendant lights, which simply were not a reflection of their tastes or personalities. We love the design they came up with, using vintage-style Ball mason jars.

Mason Jar Candles

The easiest way to enjoy the ambiance of mason jar lighting is by using candles. This style works well as shelf decor, table centerpieces, or romantic lighting. We loved Christina from Christina's Adventures' creativity when it came to selecting fillings for her mason jar lights- she suggests using beans and rice! Just take a look at the beautiful, warm glow given off by these filled jars.

HomeTalk Tip: Use coffee beans for a lovely aroma!

Mason Jar Monogram Light

Really feeling up for a challenge? Check out this absolutely fabulous mason jar monogram light design! This unique idea came to Jeran of Oleander & Palm when she was tasked with created a unique jar design for a Mason Jar Craft Challenge. She'd surely have our vote for the contest!

More HomeTalk Tips For Mason Jar Lights:

Use colored mason jars to complement the room's color scheme

Spray paint over Stencils or interesting material like fishnet to create a patterned Mason Jar Light

Use cool light bulbs, since the bulb will be visible anyway

Want to see even more styles of Mason Jar lights?

Check out Katie from Upcycled Treasures' post on 25 different styles of mason jar lights! Like many of us DIYers, she is particularly drawn to how well mason jars complement just about any thrift store find: wagon wheels, old windows, pot racks, and the other big decor must-have- pallets.

Even more ideas fromDream Designs By Anne:

You can alsosearch for "mason jar lights" on Hometalk for even more options!Which Style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments

Published on Mar 31, 2014
  • Meliss Etner
    Meliss Etner Santa Clarita, CA

    Hey Katherine, I will look at both options. Got to get jars i have out of storage and onto pendants. Thanks for sharing!

  • Drc55_

    I have Mason Jars with solar lights in on my husbands grave. It looks like fire flies.

    • Sherie Walden
      Sherie Walden Purcell, OK

      @MA G-R you cab find jars at walmart or any store of this kind at most stores. also go to your local internet garage sale and post that you need them, I just posted on mine for baby food jars for my dads nail and screw holder and had them within 24

  • Tami Gormady
    Tami Gormady Columbus, GA

    his is mine before it was hung. Not as easy as it looks and time consuming. Pottery barn wasnt the original inspiration. It was Anthropoligy (sp)

  • Gramma Birdie
    Gramma Birdie Fargo, ND

    This makes my mind spin with ideas.

  • Deanna Mills
    Deanna Mills East Saint Louis, IL

    I have been collecting the blue canning jars for years, I just love them. I'm going to ask my step-son Arty, (my hero) if he will make me a chandelier out of a couple of lights. Wish me luck.