Whimsical Toadstools For Your Garden

Garden ideas 05.14.15
With a little paint and some wood, salad bowls, you can make these adorable toadstools for the yard or garden. Hello, Spring!
Transforming these boring wood, salad bowls into whimsical toadstools is pretty easy. The first thing I do is paint the bowls some fun colors. This time, I chose some spring colors (last time, I chose more primary colors).
After two coats of paint, it is time to add the “spots” to the toadstools. To do this, I use a circle foam “pouncer” and some white paint. If you don’t have a foam pouncer, you could use a wine cork or just free hand some “spots” on the bowls.
I think these toadstools really start to come to life after I add the “spots”. Hello, spring colors!!
  • Lauri
    Lauri Omaha, NE
    Really cute - thinking about making some for in and around my chicken coop!
  • Debby Boyle
    Debby Boyle Necedah, WI
    Very cute idea!! I love it!!
  • Denise M
    Denise M Pinopolis, SC
    Love this idea!! Got some that are about "over the hill". Great recycle project. Love the colors you chose!
  • Lindsay Eidahl
    Lindsay Eidahl Cedar Rapids, IA
    Thank you Denise!
  • Meliss Etner
    Meliss Etner Santa Clarita, CA
    Yes, gnomes in deed must go with this setting! Normally i'm not a big gnome or flamingo fan, but here the gnomes would amp up the charm factor. And clearly a kid friendly space, i'm sure they would love it as well...maybe a fairy or two as well. We're in
  • Lindsay Eidahl
    Lindsay Eidahl Cedar Rapids, IA
    Your welcome. We are fairy lovers around here. My daughter would love to see them around the toadstools! Congrats on the adoption!!!
  • Kathleen M
    Kathleen M Port Saint Lucie, FL
    Lindsay Eidahl, I LOVE your adorable spring mushrooms! Can you explain how you make the stems for them? I see you use tree branches but do you glue them together? Are they
  • Lindsay Eidahl
    Lindsay Eidahl Cedar Rapids, IA
    Here is the link to my blog post where it explains it all! http://www.mycreativedays.com/diy-whimsical-...
  • Jessica Artz
    Jessica Artz Puyallup, WA
    I always see these bowls at goodwill for cheap and wondered who would buy those?! Now I will...thanks for the idea!
  • Karen Schlese Munson
    cute idea....
  • Lindsay Eidahl
    Lindsay Eidahl Cedar Rapids, IA
    Your welcome!
  • Kathie taylor
    Kathie taylor Largo, FL
    PERFECT!!!! I have two of those old bowls kicking around in here....They will be a great addition to my Gnome garden! Thanks, you are very clever!
  • Theresa
    Theresa Canada
    Great idea! I have a whole bunch of birch logs lying around doing nothing!
  • Bonnie Monell-Gates
    Bonnie Monell-Gates Three Rivers, TX
  • Debi
    Debi Sergeantsville, NJ
    thanks have some bowls and stumps nice winter project
Lindsay Eidahl