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Whimsical Toadstools For Your Garden

With a little paint and some wood, salad bowls, you can make these adorable toadstools for the yard or garden. Hello, Spring!
  • whimsical toadstools for your garden, crafts, gardening
Transforming these boring wood, salad bowls into whimsical toadstools is pretty easy. The first thing I do is paint the bowls some fun colors. This time, I chose some spring colors (last time, I chose more primary colors).
After two coats of paint, it is time to add the “spots” to the toadstools. To do this, I use a circle foam “pouncer” and some white paint. If you don’t have a foam pouncer, you could use a wine cork or just free hand some “spots” on the bowls.
I think these toadstools really start to come to life after I add the “spots”. Hello, spring colors!!
  • whimsical toadstools for your garden, crafts, gardening

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  • Lindsay Eidahl
    Lindsay Eidahl Cedar Rapids, IA

    Your welcome!

  • Kathie taylor
    Kathie taylor Largo, FL

    PERFECT!!!! I have two of those old bowls kicking around in here....They will be a great addition to my Gnome garden! Thanks, you are very clever!

  • Theresa
    Theresa Canada

    Great idea! I have a whole bunch of birch logs lying around doing nothing!

  • Bonnie Monell-Gates
    Bonnie Monell-Gates Three Rivers, TX


  • Debi
    Debi Sergeantsville, NJ

    thanks have some bowls and stumps nice winter project

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