Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planter

Outdoor Decor 08.24.15
I love succulents! Mostly because they're about the only plant I can keep alive in my house! So, I decided to do a fun spring version of a succulent planter to brighten up the house while it's still a bit gray outside. I was inspired by the springy colors of my daughter's sidewalk chalk and oddly enough, I had all the coordinating craft paint colors on hand, so it worked out perfectly! #SpringColors #MothersDay
Cost: $9.00 Difficulty: Easy
These succulent planters are so easy to put together. I had everything on had except the succulents, which I picked up at Home Depot for a few bucks each.
I started by painting the bottoms of my jars with two coats of craft paint. I then added a little river rock and dirt inside.
Once the dirt was in, I pulled the succulents out of their containers, plopped them in the jars, and settled them in with a little more dirt.
The succulent planters are so bright and cheery on my dining room shelf! They remind me that spring flowers (outside) will be here shortly!
Create a fun, springy planter in just a few easy steps!

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  • Ann Brownlee
    Ann Brownlee Fayetteville, GA
    I can't believe all the negative, nasty comments on this. It is a neat idea, and with the pastel colors could be used for Easter gifts to friends.
  • Jerry Stanaland
    Jerry Stanaland Bonifay, FL
    What a great idea for a Mother's Day gift in a basket filed with pretty scented candles bath items, perfumes body sprays, etc. The possibilities are limitless!!
  • Sharron Parker
    Sharron Parker Lafayette, IN
    remember. if you can't say something good, remain quiet. Cute idea and yes you could use for VBS, what is your problem.
  • Debbie
    Debbie Mobile, AL
    Thank you for posting this..Now I can place some of these above the kitchen sink!
  • Lori318
    I find that this site "Hometalk" always seems to attract people who must just look for criticism in what others create. Who cares if you think it's not cute, pretty, the right color, or stupid. If you truly have a comment that my help others or you think
  • Phyllis Bayles
    Phyllis Bayles Siler City, NC
    I want to do that too! I love it!
  • Amy Taylor
    Amy Taylor Florence, AL
    Negative Nellies gotta hate! Very cute idea!
  • Jodi Massie
    Jodi Massie Salem, WI
    Love this!! I can't seem to keep plants alive in my house either. LOL....I'm definitely doing this! Just wanted to say that I too do not understand the rude comments. So sad that some people have nothing better to do. Thank you for posting these lovely
    • The Golden Sycamore
      Jodi Massie - absolutely not! This is a great site and I love sharing my projects here! I will definitely continue to do so. Thank you for your kind words! :)
  • Cneeley31
    cneeley31 Little River, SC
    I think this is a great idea. Can't wait to make some for my kitchen counter. thanks so much for the idea. I also have everything I need on hand!
  • Texas Home And Garden
    Those are great!
  • Stephanie George
    Stephanie George Chesapeake, VA
    Precious. Springy and fresh looking.
  • Allison Kaushagen
    Allison Kaushagen Charleston, SC
    I don't understand the rude comments! How about not commenting at all if you can't be nice! I love what you have done and I think they would liven up any space in the house.
  • Debbie G
    Debbie G Terre Haute, IN
    I think they are very charming!! Now I know what to do with all the jars I have been saving!!! Thank you!
    • Debbee Winegar
      Debbee Winegar Red Bluff, CA
      Debbie G Good for gift giving too at Easter, maybe to rest homes and such if you have an abundance of them!
  • Priscilla Chamberlin
    Not impressed at all, looks like a VBS craft project
    • Treva Holmlund
      Treva Holmlund Joshua, TX
      Andrea R your right it was ... i think i was trying to say something totally different just didn't come out that way
  • Jeannie Court
    Jeannie Court Katy, TX
    Precious sweet colors !!!
The Golden Sycamore

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