Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planter

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I love succulents! Mostly because they're about the only plant I can keep alive in my house! So, I decided to do a fun spring version of a succulent planter to brighten up the house while it's still a bit gray outside. I was inspired by the springy colors of my daughter's sidewalk chalk and oddly enough, I had all the coordinating craft paint colors on hand, so it worked out perfectly! #SpringColors #MothersDay
Cost: $9.00 Difficulty: Easy
These succulent planters are so easy to put together. I had everything on had except the succulents, which I picked up at Home Depot for a few bucks each.
I started by painting the bottoms of my jars with two coats of craft paint. I then added a little river rock and dirt inside.
Once the dirt was in, I pulled the succulents out of their containers, plopped them in the jars, and settled them in with a little more dirt.
The succulent planters are so bright and cheery on my dining room shelf! They remind me that spring flowers (outside) will be here shortly!
Create a fun, springy planter in just a few easy steps!

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  • Ann Brownlee
    Ann Brownlee Fayetteville, GA
    I can't believe all the negative, nasty comments on this. It is a neat idea, and with the pastel colors could be used for Easter gifts to friends.
  • E_Poet
    Theres always gonna be somebody who is rude and thoughtless.. ill betcha they dont have a lick of creativity in their body, and these jars are so darn clever and cute. id never think to paint the bottom of a mason it
  • Pamela Button
    Pamela Button Leesburg, VA
    Working for a major craft company and having been a crafter for over 50 years (my Mom started us at a very early age :) ) I always ask customers for pictures of what they create…it is not important wether I like it or not but it is looking at other
  • Debbie
    Debbie Charlotte, NC
    I think there cute!! I have that plant outside on my patio...I

    could do this too!!

  • Caroline Hargrove
    Love the site, don't always go crazy over some things, but even many of those will give me an idea as to how I could change it to fit my decor. Since my decor is so different than most anyone else's. You don't walk into many homes or apartments and see
    • The Golden Sycamore
      Caroline Hargrove - I love getting ideas from others on this site! I don't always love the exact project, but it sparks an idea of something I can create with my own twist! We all have our own individual tastes! :)
  • Altamare
    Altamare Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Priscilla and lajean, if you don´t have anything nice to say, don´t say nothing at all!
  • Pfoxx25
    How is drainage? I love the idea, might be cute as candle hollers too, just paint all the way up. When I was young we used to use these colors and paint patterns on tall glasses then we put candles in them.
  • Pfoxx25
    Meant holders
  • Olwen
    Olwen Philippines
    these are great, though we dont have mason jars here in the Philippines, I might start collecting some mayonnaise jars instead. :)
    • The Golden Sycamore
      Olwen - that's such a great idea! I was thinking, really, you could do these in just about any glass container similar to this shape! :)
    • Sharon Shriver Frazee
      Olwen The small size of pickle jars might also work for this kind of project.
  • Kristy D
    Kristy D Hannibal, MO
    I love this idea, and I agree that succulents are about the easiest houseplants, but after year or so of trial and error I have realized that they thrive when you leave them alone, almost to the point of neglect!! My happiest ones are high on a shelf and
  • Barbara Coombs
    Barbara Coombs Belfair, WA
    I have seen succulents in just little rocks and water. Wouldn't that work here too?
    • The Golden Sycamore
      Barbara Coombs - I have no idea, but I would assume so. Like I said, I'm not so great with plants. I just thought this would work, so I tried it out. :)
  • Keith B
    Keith B Iron Station, NC
    We once received a round glass table top from someone ( the table had broken). We placed it on top of a 10 gl. aquarium with some gravel dirt and sand and succulents. used cabinet door bumpers on the corners of the aquarium to allow air in. Just a little
  • Teresa Lynn Hines
    Teresa Lynn Hines Berrien Center, MI
    Wonderful idea! I'm going to do some to put in my bathroom!
  • Patricia Routt
    Patricia Routt Hodgenville, KY
    I think these are so cute, the color of Easter and spring. Like some people have said you can use your own colors and expand this really cute idea. I haven't read the negative remarks and I don't want to, but I do want to comment. We are here because we
  • Timeless Interiors
    Timeless Interiors Bluffton, SC
    Very cute idea. Thanks for sharing it.
The Golden Sycamore