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Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planter

I love succulents! Mostly because they're about the only plant I can keep alive in my house! So, I decided to do a fun spring version of a succulent planter to brighten up the house while it's still a bit gray outside. I was inspired by the springy colors of my daughter's sidewalk chalk and oddly enough, I had all the coordinating craft paint colors on hand, so it worked out perfectly!
Cost: $9.00 Difficulty: Easy
These succulent planters are so easy to put together. I had everything on had except the succulents, which I picked up at Home Depot for a few bucks each.
I started by painting the bottoms of my jars with two coats of craft paint. I then added a little river rock and dirt inside.
Once the dirt was in, I pulled the succulents out of their containers, plopped them in the jars, and settled them in with a little more dirt.
The succulent planters are so bright and cheery on my dining room shelf! They remind me that spring flowers (outside) will be here shortly!
Create a fun, springy planter in just a few easy steps!

To see more: http://bit.ly/1fyUPja

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