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Antique Highboy Goes Industrial

I love detail on furniture and this piece had almost none. It was sorely in need of a little attention to bring it up to date. And, those pulls just had to go! I decided to give it an industrial vibe and absolutely love how it turned out!
  • antique highboy goes industrial, painted furniture
  • antique highboy goes industrial, painted furniture
Before-although it was in great condition it was so outdated!
  • antique highboy goes industrial, painted furniture
I always start by refinishing the top. It had a beautiful mahogany veneer top, so I carefully sanded it down and stained it with Java Gel from General Finishes. It has such a beautiful grain and I was so glad to be able to preserve it. There is a short tutorial on my blog (link is at end of post) on how I refinish a top.
  • antique highboy goes industrial, painted furniture
I actually wanted to keep the original idea of the inlay down the front of the dresser, so decided on subtle two-tone stripes. I love the warm medium gray of the paint color with the dark top and hardware.
  • antique highboy goes industrial, painted furniture
I added new cup pulls and knobs. So glad those hideous plastic handles are gone!
  • antique highboy goes industrial, painted furniture
After--Such a modern looking piece now!

To see more: http://createinspireme.blogspot.com/2014/04/antique-highboy-goes-industrial.html

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  • Patricia Taylor
    Patricia Taylor Stanwood, WA

    Sorry but the original was so much better. Don't understand why people feel the need to paint antiques... What a shame.

    • Lisa @ {createinspire}

      It's not hard to understand. In fact it's pretty simple. They don't like the way it looks.

  • Rose Halloran
    Rose Halloran Newmarket, NH

    Looks great!

  • Leah Sanders
    Leah Sanders Walhalla, SC

    I like the after. It is well done. However, this is a art deco piece and was meant to be understated. The 'plastic' handles are not plastic at all, but instead are most likely a very collectable item called Bakelite. I do hope you saved them for

  • Lisa @ {createinspire}

    I'm very familiar with Bakelite and these were not Bakelite.

  • Lisa Keenan
    Lisa Keenan South Portland, ME

    Looks great. I love painting old furniture, especially dressers. Wonderful job!

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