Our Pantry- 1 Year Later

Organizing Ideas 04.22.16
A year ago we decided it was time to tackle our pantry. We ripped out the inefficient sagging fiberboard shelves and awkward doors and we built the pantry of my dreams! We mapped out all of the things we wanted to be able to store inside, and designed a storage solution for each category. We made sure to use quality plywood and solid wood trim so it would last forever. Over the past year we have made a few subtle changes and improvements, but overall the design has been spot on to fit the needs of our family!
Here is our pantry today. The changes I've made in the past year since we finished the remodel have been subtle, but they have been positive in helping keep us organized! Flip through the rest of the photos to see how our pantry has evolved over the past year!
This was what we started with when we moved in. The sliding doors made it impossible to see what was inside. The sagging shelves were made from disintegrating fiberboard. They were so deep it was impossible to see or reach items in the back. We flipped them over and hoped gravity would help us out in flattening them back out to buy us some time ;)
A few months later we used cabinet grade plywood and pine trim for the faces to create this pantry. We essentially built a big box that fit in the pantry opening. We mapped out what we needed space for, and created places for everything.
My favorite feature has been the slide out drawers we created. It is such a useful solution to see what's hiding in the back!
This was our pantry about a month ago. While it wasn't too bad, our little boys had enjoyed playing with the DVDs, and can and snack storage needed to be revamped. We removed the DVDs and took over the basket that had been designated for snacks. You can read more about our pantry mistakes here: http://organizingmadefun.blogspot.com/2014/04/5-pantry-mistakes-you-dont-want-to-make.html
Recently I added these storage racks to the door. This valuable real estate was being wasted, so this was a no-brainer! Although it isn't completely full on both sides, it allows for room to expand can storage if needed!
One change I made was switching out typed labels for chalkboard labels. Now I can easily write the contents with a chalk pen and wipe it away if the the contents change!

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  • Sarah Ryan
    Sarah Ryan Roswell, GA
    Great storage for trays or cookie sheets! love, love the pull out shelves. Cannot wait to speak with my contractor!!!!
  • Diane Nuckolls
    Diane Nuckolls Memphis, TN
    Great design
  • Debbie Delldonna Amenta
    I want this pantry!
  • Rita Wozniak
    Rita Wozniak Sparrows Point, MD
    I love this idea.. BUT i am a person who has dishes for all seasons.. and crock pots.. im thinking on season having room for oh say at least 14 plates for each service, so it would have 14 salad plates, 14 bowls and 14 cups and saucers.. pretty sure i
  • Kathy
    Kathy Lockesburg, AR
    You did a wonderful job of planning & building this pantry! Hope to revamp mine some day. This will be my model! Great job!
Nina Hendrick