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Style Your Family Pictures Like The Royal Family

Saved to Idea Box. Organize

You are the queen of your castle and the ruling matriarch of your family, so why not display your collection of family photos with the same regard and glamour as a true royal family? We say every family is as special as the royals!

Family Picture Gallery

One of the most elegant and classic ways of arranging family photos is with a gallery wall. Hometalk member Jessica shared a lovely guide for all the different types of gallery wall arrangements you can make, depending on the size of photos you have on hand. You can line your hallways with your photos, just like the royal halls at Buckingham Palace.

We recommend Trina's tip of using attractive frames in distinctive shapes or colors for an extra regal effect.

We love how Shannon added in a monogram letter for her gallery wall's focal point- almost like a family crest! Adding details like this will make the gallery wall displaying your family photos even more personal. The frame around her 'G' is actually a repurposed vintage mirror!

A fun twist on gallery walls is to add in shelves. Tricia shared a wonderfully simple and affordable way to buy the basics, and cut the shelves down to fit your exact space needs.

Hometalk Tip: Don't be afraid to style your shelves with layered photographs; tall ones in back, short ones in front.

We just love how Hometalk member Laurie used her shelves to create a family tree, with a different level for each generation. Nothing says 'royal family' like paying homeage to your ancestors.

Donna thinks including the great grandparents should be a family picture collection must- 'It's nice to have the pictures out where we can remember past generations and introduce them to our children's generation.' We can't think of better stories to tell around the table than your happiest family memories of those relatives long past.

Look at how many she was able to find! Her choice of a variety of frames creates the perfectly vintage look for this gallery of family pictures. If you use a site like DeadFred.com, you can access long lost family pictures that have been stored away in library archives and the like. You can search for photos of your long lost great aunts and uncles using surnames or location.

Canvas Family Portraits

Printing your family pictures onto regular sized canvas will surely look quite aristocratic. After all, royal families have been painted since the dawn of royal families.

Hometalk member Erin made her canvas art by printing an enlarged photo, and using ModPodge to attach it to the canvas.She loves the way canvas prints turn family picture into works of art, and we are compelled to agree.

Now nothing says nobility quite like a nearly life-sized portrait of your family- but you can easily craft this kingly look for just $20!

Monica's jumbo sized family picture was made by ordering her photo from Staples as an 'Engineer Print', and then applying it to thin plywood known as Luran with Modpodge!

Best of luck creating a frame as intricate as hers! We recommend something simpler:decorative crown molding from your local hardware store.

You could also transfer your family picture to an extra large canvas if that suits your style better.

Colleen promises it's easier than you thought, and similar in cost to Monica's option. Her supersized project simply involves your printed photo (also Engineer's Copy), canvas, and spray adhesive.

Gift Shop Goodies

Your royal home is now all set for visitors to admire your glorious ancestry- why not send them off with some gift-shop worthy items, like a coloring book of your family? This craft shared by Paula is sure to be a big hit at the family reunion!

Save the family picture of your choice to your desktop, then open in your photo editor of choice. Locate and apply the Pencil Sketch option. You can adjust the settings until your photo looks just like a page from a coloring book! Bind all your family pictures together in a ring binder, or in a simple school presentation folder.

We'd love to see how you arrange your treasured family portraits! Share your photo displays to Hometalk using the tag #FamilyPictures and tell us how you got the look! We'd love to hear your favorite tips in the comments too!

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Published on Apr 21, 2014
  • Laurie
    Laurie Jonesboro, AR

    Thank you for sharing my little gallery. It was great to see a collection of how others share family photos. Inspiring ideas. laurie

  • Trina Miner @ afewmineradjustments
    Trina Miner @... Lake George, NY

    Thank you for featuring my gallery wall! Hometalk rocks!

  • Barbara
    Barbara Sterling Heights, MI

    I can't wait to start my family gallery. These are wonderful and now I have to decide how to incorporate this in my home. Great work, gals!!

  • Stacy
    Stacy New Rochelle, NY

    love this! so many great ideas!

  • Colleen@Lilac Drive Designs

    Thank you for sharing my canvas photo idea!