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How to Trim Bamboo Shades

Window coverings are expensive! I found some discounted ( Only $6 each!!) bamboo shades that were too wide for my window. So, I decided to trim them! It's easy to do and it saved me about $80!! The cuts look just like the manufacturer cuts look.
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $20 Difficulty: Easy
After: My blinds hung in the livingroom. I love the look of these. It brings in a natural element and some texture to the room.
Unfortunately the home improvement store I bought these from only trim a certain brand of their shades. How to Trim Bamboo Shades? It's pretty straightforward and if you're on a budget it's certainly going to help save you money.
In the process of trimming the bamboo shades. Taped, measured and started sawing with a hacksaw. The miter box keeps your cut nice and straight. It takes some muscle but it's definitely worth the effort since you're saving so much money! Custom blinds for under $20!!

To see more: http://houseologie.com/how-to-trim-bamboo-shades/

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