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Organize Your Sock Drawer

Use a repurposed sandwich box to keep yoursock drawer neatly organized.
Socks are one of the toughest clothing items to keep neatly organized. By the end of the week those socks you had put away neatly are now looking a bit jumbled in the drawer.
Rolling your socks is the quickest way to keep them neat.
Repurpose a plastic sandwich box to use as a sock organizer. Simple wash the box well and remove any labels.
Both the lid and the bottom work perfectly to keep your sock organized neatly. You can fit 4 -5 of your new sock trays in your drawer.
By simply organizing your sock drawer, look how much extra room you can create!

To see more: http://organized31.com/2014/04/organize-socks.html

Ask the creator about this project

  • Rose Hominick
    Rose Hominick Canada
    on Apr 27, 2014

    That is a terrific idea! I am going to try it!

  • Elizabeth Dwyer Simpson
    Elizabeth Dwyer Simpson Holliston, MA
    on May 6, 2014

    This is a great idea! I love recycling ideas. Let's save our planet!!!!

  • Linda Dietz
    Linda Dietz Lithopolis, OH
    on Jan 15, 2015

    Don't ever buy sandwiches & haven't seen these anywhere. Trying to think of something else inexpensive that would work.

    • Shirley Coursey
      Shirley Coursey Gresham, OR
      on Jan 16, 2015

      Try mothers cookies. That's what I thought they were using. When I 1st read it I thought sandwich bags like baggies. Think the cookie would work really well. I'm going to try it.

  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Canada
    on Aug 29, 2015

    I use Kleenex boxes everywhere!

    • Organized 31
      Organized 31
      on Aug 29, 2015

      @Jeanette S That's a great idea, especially since we seem to go through hundreds of tissue boxes in the winter.

  • Red
    Red Huntington, NY
    on Jan 31, 2016

    This is a reat idea, particularly for a small drawer or corralled in a low box or box top to keep things tidy. My mom tried something like that back in the 1950s, using plastic baskets they sold with 3 hot-house tomatoes. My sister and I kept taking them to make beds for our dolls However, the idea has stuck with me and Lately I've been using the boxes that contain a dozen or 18 single serve coffee cups in my medication/ supplement/ first aid cabinet in the kitchen, So far, i've just been lining them up to keep the bottles from falling over, keep tubes from getting squashed or leaking, bandages from scattering. They work better than baskets because the front is open and you can see in, remove your item without taking out everything on the shelf. When the weather gets warmer i'll paint with leftover kitchen paint and decoupage them with labels & images. For light grey cardboard, they're surprisingly strong with the reinforcement of the torn/ lifted flap set down into the back of the box. I stillI do the drawer dividers on a larger scale. Now I re-purpose all kinds of good sturdy boxes that come my way. One year I found some really beautiful, heavy, high quality wrapping paper at the $ store and put it down as drawer liners, then used a bunch of those clear plastic boxes you get with baked goods and used them as you've done with the sandwich boxes above. Then I covered some box flaps with the same paper, to use between the boxes as dividers. the height of the clear recyclable boxes propped them up nicely, and it looked great, and the wrapping paper colors matched my room, too! I tried sandwich boxes and other useful containers most people put in the trash in my sons' drawers, with Ninja turtle and transformers wrapping paper as drawer liners and divider covers, but as did my sister and I, the little boys found other users for the boxes, and they never stayed in place for long. As to my present-day sock drawer, I still use the same idea, but since I have lots of bulky things in there like "boot" socks and other related items that take up more space than that- I found some textured clear(ish) folded plastic boxes at the $ tree, I like the ones that are the size of shoe boxes and the ones that are about 4"X 12"for socks They come wider too; good for rolled up t-shirts. But there are lots of sturdy "ready made" recyclables that work well and look good. I use the narrower plastic ones like movable dividers. They hold light weight socks and more compact items, leaving "custom" sized spaces between them, so that the big socks can be in their own slot, narrower gaps for more smaller socks, another box for tights, and a constantly shifting gap between box and right side of the drawer for the odd socks waiting for their mates to find their way home, etc. I have room and options to sort by style, weight and color, turn boxes in the other direction at the back, or whatever works at the time. Whenever I re-organize the drawer for seasonal changes, winter outdoor socks go to or come forth from the back, silly holiday themed socks get their own slot, etc. This can be a real time saver in a drawer for foundation garments as well.

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