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Organize Your Sock Drawer

Use a repurposed sandwich box to keep yoursock drawer neatly organized.
  • organize your sock drawer, organizing
Socks are one of the toughest clothing items to keep neatly organized. By the end of the week those socks you had put away neatly are now looking a bit jumbled in the drawer.
  • organize your sock drawer, organizing
Rolling your socks is the quickest way to keep them neat.
  • organize your sock drawer, organizing
Repurpose a plastic sandwich box to use as a sock organizer. Simple wash the box well and remove any labels.
  • organize your sock drawer, organizing
Both the lid and the bottom work perfectly to keep your sock organized neatly. You can fit 4 -5 of your new sock trays in your drawer.
  • organize your sock drawer, organizing
By simply organizing your sock drawer, look how much extra room you can create!

To see more: http://organized31.com/2014/04/organize-socks.html

Got a question about this project?

  • Linda Dietz
    Linda Dietz Lithopolis, OH

    Don't ever buy sandwiches & haven't seen these anywhere. Trying to think of something else inexpensive that would work.

    • Shirley Coursey
      Shirley Coursey Gresham, OR

      Try mothers cookies. That's what I thought they were using. When I 1st read it I thought sandwich bags like baggies. Think the cookie would work really well. I'm going to try it.

  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Canada

    I use Kleenex boxes everywhere!

    • Organized 31

      @Jeanette S That's a great idea, especially since we seem to go through hundreds of tissue boxes in the winter.

  • Red
    Red Huntington, NY

    This is a reat idea, particularly for a small drawer or corralled in a low box or box top to keep things tidy. My mom tried something like that back in the 1950s, using plastic baskets they sold with 3 hot-house tomatoes. My sister and I kept taking

  • Organized 31

    Sounds like we are organizing and repurposing sisters. :) I love your organizing ideas.

  • Medina Ibrahim
    Medina Ibrahim Fort Hamilton, NY

    Lovely ideas

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