SK's Old Dinged Refrigerator*Vintage Steamer Trunk

Kitchen 05.03.16
SK's old black fridge get a facelift with sculpture and paint.
Thanks to Modern Master Metal Effects Paint. And yes this does take some courage. But I have never been afraid of paint. It can be re-painted just as easily. Frightened? No...
I sanded the entire surface and painted it with a good bonding primer.
Using a Wood Frosting puddy I sculptured leather bands.
The buckles were also sculptured.
I painted the fridge with a deep chocolate.
I used a crackle medium and when dry I painted the entire surface a scarlet.
Hand sculpturing the bands and the buckles.
The sculptured bands and buckles were painted a deep iron metal effects paint from Modern Masters.
Rusty and corroded iron bands and buckles. Copper patina is painted on the rivets.
The main body is painted with a damask stencil in nine layers of four different reds.
I matt coated the old rusty iron bands and buckles, then waxed and buffed the damask. This has turned out seriously awesome next to my red cabinetry.
Corroded and loved.
I love the detail on my new vintage steamer trunk refrigerator. Go ahead I know you want to roll your eyes.
Take your best shot. If you like it I am humbled, If you don't go ahead I can take it.
These pictures might put things into perspective. It makes me smile. So just that makes it worth the effort.
Scared of paint? Me? Not! If and when I become tired of the brothel red I will paint it cream and antiqued it again. No harm, No foul. sk
ps. I have added a post concerning the other cabinets. Thanks for asking.

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  • Leslie
    Leslie Methuen, MA
    SK I have been pondering on what the transformation reminds me of and it is the Old Caribbean, the Bahamas with the mansions and pirates ruled the area. Not in a bad way but in how people were not afraid of color :) I don't know if your pallet will be
    • SK on Elderberry
      SK on Elderberry Bonners Ferry, ID
      Leslie You are so right. Color has never been an issue with me. I doesn't frighten me or do I get tired of it. If I do get tired of it. Guess what? I just repaint. Yea! Color!
  • Leslie
    Leslie Methuen, MA
    OMG thank you for sharing, simply beautiful. If I were closer I would offer my help. I am in New England which is having a relatively mild winter.
    • SK on Elderberry
      SK on Elderberry Bonners Ferry, ID
      Leslie Thank you Leslie. I do need to take the time to breathe and enjoy the process. It's hard to live in a mess, but I can be patient while I'm getting the look I want. Eclectic Crazy Farm house.. Love hearing from you. SK on ELderberry
  • Leslie
    Leslie Methuen, MA
    I Totally understand, and thank you :)
  • Aspadistra Pronk
    Aspadistra Pronk United Kingdom
    Wow! That is simply gorgeous!
  • Lyn
    Lyn Canada
    My eyes where dazzled when I saw your photos! You my dear, are brilliant!! Fantabulous! xxxxoo!!
    • SK on Elderberry
      SK on Elderberry Bonners Ferry, ID
      Lyn Well thank you. What a sweet message to get on the Sabbath.
SK on Elderberry