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Tree Slab Lazy Susan

Thanks to Hurricane Irene we lost three huge oak trees in our yard. I asked my husband to cut me some slabs because I wanted to make a table but then had another idea. Wanted a lazy susan for our table but the store bought ones are so boring. This is a huge success with the kids and dinner guests. Sorry I dont have any be for pictures but I love it so much figured it was worth sharing.
Sanded down the top as best I could and then used a dark stain followed with many coats of poly.
Bought a lazy susan ring at lowes for about $10 and my husband cut a circle out of plywood and attached it to both the tree slab and plywood. (Its a metal ring)
My daughter thought we needed to add a picture of it in action. It spins great not to fast and not to slow!
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  • Lisa Weisedel
    Lisa Weisedel North Collins, NY
    WOW!! This is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!
Betsy Channell

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