DIY Faux Carriage Garage Doors

The Three R's 04.14.15
I love the look of carriage garage doors, but unwilling to spend the money on adding windows and the hardware I found a way to DIY. I used vinyl cut on my Silhouette, but the process is the same with paint. Talk about adding #curbappeal on the cheap!
DIY Faux Carriage Garage Doors
Here's my garage doors 'before'. There was nothing 'wrong' with them so I was not willing to spend the money to replace them.
I taped them off using 1" painters tape so each pane would be evenly spaced at 1 inch.
Then I added panes of permanent adhesive vinyl that I cut on my Silhouette. If you don't have a Silhouette or die cut machine, this can also be done by using outdoor paint.
Here's how the first window looked when it was done.
After all the windows were installed, I added faux brackets to complete the look.
And here's a look at the before and's amazing what just a couple of hours and a few inexpensive supplies can do for curb appeal. To get the full tutorial head over to Two It Yourself.

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  • Kimberly Stiglich-Myers
    I bought these for 19.99 at Home Depot.. and got the same look screwed them on.. looks like the 1,500 doors they sell at Lowes or Home Depot
    • Ann
      Ann Bellingham, WA
      What were they called at Home Depot? Faux windows? Privacy glass?
  • John Howell
    John Howell Washougal, WA
    Now you just need a cow girl on both sides.
  • Diane Serna
    Diane Serna Morocco, IN
    So theyre not windows, just the look of windows? Is that right?
  • Kristin
    Kristin Coventry, RI
    Looks great!
  • Kimberly Stiglich-Myers
    I'm sorry should of been more specific.. I already had the windows so the idea is great.. I meant the straps that she cut out of vinyl. 19.99 for the real deal straps.. and handles.. I had checked on line and they were costly.. so the ones at home depot
  • Tiffany Hancock
    Tiffany Hancock Pittsboro, NC
    My husband owns a garage door business and he was very impressed by your DIY. He thought that they were windows until I scrolled down and showed him the pics. Great job!!
  • Sue Hebert
    Sue Hebert Spring, TX
    Wonder idea and terrific job!! Looks very nice.
  • Linda Clark
    Linda Clark Woodbridge, CA
    Not just a good idea, but a neat clean job too.
  • Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air
    Great Faux project!
  • P.j. C
    P.j. C Petersburg, IN
  • Kara Magee Designs
    I've seen people paint the hardware on before, but I've never seen faux windows too! I'm stealing this great idea!
  • Peggy Modglin
    Peggy Modglin Punta Gorda, FL
    I had to look twice after I read your post! These faux windows look fantastic! Great job!
  • Marion Nesbitt
    Very clever.
  • Ann @ On Sutton Place
    This is amazing! I have been pinning doors like these and just love them. Good job!
  • Nora Moore
    Nora Moore Saint Johns, AZ
    That's true that carriage garage doors look really cool. I'd never thought of just adding vinyl or paint to make it look like this. It would cut down on the price until I have to replace the door and get a real one. Maybe I'll try this until the door
Melissa @ Two It Yourself