DIY Faux Carriage Garage Doors

For the Garden 09.28.15
I love the look of carriage garage doors, but unwilling to spend the money on adding windows and the hardware I found a way to DIY. I used vinyl cut on my Silhouette, but the process is the same with paint. Talk about adding #curbappeal on the cheap!
DIY Faux Carriage Garage Doors
Here's my garage doors 'before'. There was nothing 'wrong' with them so I was not willing to spend the money to replace them.
I taped them off using 1" painters tape so each pane would be evenly spaced at 1 inch.
Then I added panes of permanent adhesive vinyl that I cut on my Silhouette. If you don't have a Silhouette or die cut machine, this can also be done by using outdoor paint.
Here's how the first window looked when it was done.
After all the windows were installed, I added faux brackets to complete the look.
And here's a look at the before and's amazing what just a couple of hours and a few inexpensive supplies can do for curb appeal. To get the full tutorial head over to Two It Yourself.

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