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I had been wanting to try my hand at making something out of concrete. I've seen a lot of planters and I figured that would be an easy place to start. Plus, my mom loves succulents so I wanted to make something she would like for her garden. I'm very excited to share my new concrete hand planters. My mom loves them so they've made a great Mother's Day gift.
There was a little trial & error along the way, and I have to admit I had a major fail in the beginning. I bought the wrong kind of concrete. I quickly learned that there are lots of different kinds of concrete. But once I got the right cement it was seriously soooo easy and only took me about 20 minutes to make four hands.
THE TUTORIAL LINK IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE or you can copy & paste this:
Here is the result of my first try. Major failure....
But I got it right on the second try. Here's the final products...
THE TUTORIAL LINK IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE or you can copy & paste this:
If you know me, you know I couldn't pass this one up....
Yup. Zombie apocalypse hands. Couldn't help myself. :-)
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  • Undercover DIYer
    Undercover DIYer Canton, MA
    Those are so cool! I've been wanting to try a concrete related craft. Maybe this is it! Thanks for sharing!
  • Kathryn Fawdray
    Love the hands going to give it a go wish me luck bet it's not as easy as seems
  • Idy Geja
    Idy Geja Tanzania, United Republic Of
    I like so much the people that have good ideas ,you are so creative,well done.
  • Idy Geja
    Idy Geja Tanzania, United Republic Of
    another day try to draw nails in each finger ,you will make me happy..
  • Ruth
    Ruth Largo, FL
    could you use plaster of paris instead of concrete
    • DIY Fun Ideas
      DIY Fun Ideas New Port Richey, FL
      Ruth I've never used plaster of paris, but I would imagine that you could, although it wouldn't be as strong as using concrete. Also, I'm not sure how well plaster of paris would do with ongoing watering.
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