White Kitchen Reveal

White kitchen 3 days ago
I have been dreaming of a white kitchen for years. Our previous kitchen was over 20 years old and definitely in need of some updating. With some fresh paint, new countertops and a few minor updates, we have a brand new, modern kitchen that I love!
We had our cabinets painted with Simply White by Benajamin Moore. The cabinets were taken out to be sprayed and had a total of 6 coats with the primer and paint. You can no longer see the wood grain and they are super easy to wipe clean.
There was a lot of debate as to what surface we were going to go with for our kitchen countertops, but we finally decided on quartz due to its durability and look. After a bit of a mix-up in the colors, we ended up with Stone Grey quartz from Caesarstone. It ties in nicely with the grey in the marble subway tile backsplash that we chose.
For a little comparison, here is a photo of the kitchen BEFORE.
We are definitely happy with the end result!

To see more: http://www.cleanandscentsible.com/2014/05/white-kitchen-reveal-2.html

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  • Jennifer Godwin
    Jennifer Godwin Hutto, TX
    A couple of questions if you don't mind. You say the cabinets were removed? as in the entire box taken out of your kitchen? How long did the painting & reinstall take? And one more, you don't have to give exact $ but how much did painting cost? In Canada
    • Jennifer Lifford
      Jennifer Godwin - Sorry I didn't explain that very well. The cupboard doors were all removed and spray painted. The cupboard boxes themselves were just painted in place. I
  • Cindi fearon
    cindi fearon Clarksboro, NJ
    After a year how are the painted cabinets holding up? Did a great job ! I am looking to do new counter tops and like what you did are they still what you thought after a year?
    • Jennifer Lifford
      Cindi fearon - They are holding up great! They wash down so easily. There is very, very slight wear along one edge on the cupboard under the sink {which always gets used!} but other than that they look perfect.
  • Mary Haeseler
    Mary Haeseler Ledyard, CT
    Your kitchen turned out beautiful.
  • Ally_newt
    Where did you get the countertop from?
  • Taylor Clarise
    Taylor Clarise Los Angeles, CA
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Jennifer Lifford