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Colorful Playroom Accent Wall

Last summer, we found huge amounts of black mold in our basement, mainly in the playroom and guest bedroom area. We were devastated, because the previous summer, we had shelled out (of pocket) many thousands of dollars to have our foundation re-waterproofed. Moisture should not be getting in our house! It turned out our foundation was fine - the water from both years had been coming from a very slow leak in the pipe that carried the hose water outside. Thankfully this time around, the insurance covered the damage, and we decided to see the silver lining in the whole ordeal - we received a remodel for half of our basement, which was on our to-do list anyway.
The hardest hit area was the playroom - we lost the walls, the bookshelves, and some toys, blankets, and paper items in this room. The girls were really awesome about it though because they knew they would get their playroom redecorated sooner than later. I had this great idea for a fun accent wall, and I ran with it. The girls were smitten with it!
It may look like a lot of work, but I was actually very surprised at how quickly it went. (You can view the full painting how-to on my blog- http://becomingmartha.com/colorful-playroom-...) The whole process of taping of the squares took less than an hour, and as for the painting - if you arent too cheap to dedicate a paint tray and roller to each color, it will be really fast. I did once colour at a time so I didn't have to buy five paint trays and roller heads. (Can't say I would choose that method again!)
After the paint was dry and cured, I cut vinyl words out that described how I wanted my daughters to feel when they were in the room. I stuck them on the walls in the corners of the coloured blocks, in as random of a pattern as my slightly obsessive brain would allow.
The girls fell head over heels, as you can tell by my youngest daughters smile! We are still reorganizing and decorating the other walls, but one out of four ain't bad, right?

To see more: http://becomingmartha.com/colorful-playroom-accent-wall-with-vinyl-words/

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