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From Pallet to Wall Planters

I had a blank wall that needed something so I turned a small pallet into these wall planters and it was easier than you think!
Here is what you need:
1. A small pallet
2. A hammer
3. Something to pry out the nails (I reused them)
4. Scrap wood that you have handy
5. A few extra nails or screws
6. Paint
First, pry out the nails and remove the two middle boards.
Second, reattach the boards you removed placing them next to the boards that are still in place like this:
Third, cut the 2x4's right up against the boards you just nailed into place-you will have 6 cuts to remove the excess wood.
This is what you will end up with:
Fourth, take scrap wood and attach to the bottom (measure if necessary). I used cedar shakes for this.
Here they are before I painted them:
Fifth, paint them. I used Rustoleum 2in1 with primer and painted them 3 times.
Here they are all painted:
Last, but not least, hang and plant them. I lined them landscape fabric to keep the dirt from running out and down my wall.
All done! The wall looks much better now, doesn't it? This project was easy and cheap! The only cost was for a few nails that I used to attach the bottom and a can of spray paint. To see more visit my blog at:

To see more: http://www.sproutsandstuff.blogspot.com

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