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DIY fountain for front landscape

I am so happy with our water feature that I created! I wanted blue and something different than you could buy. Not to mention I wasn't going to pay crazy money they cost! So we made one!
Time: 4 Hours Cost: $60.00 Difficulty: Medium
It took a couple of tries to get it right!
I didn't get the proportion right the first time! ;(
So I raised the second tier! Much better!
It took 3 main flower pots, cement pineapple (that I spray painted champagne)
One pump
PVC pipe and waterproof tape to cover bottom hole
Two pots (turned upside down) drilled holes in bottom one for water flow for pump
I love what it has added to our landscape! Now I just need everything to bloom!

Ask the creator about this project

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on May 14, 2014

    How lovely! It looks store-bought!

  • Kara Spurlock
    Kara Spurlock Huntington, WV
    on May 15, 2014

    Thanks Jessica! I fell in love with the blue as well!

  • Wendy Johnson
    Wendy Johnson Niles, MI
    on May 15, 2014

    looks lovely, love the blue shades you picked. And looks better than store bought :)

  • Karen Gilmore
    Karen Gilmore Dalton, MO
    on May 15, 2014

    Awesome...I'm wanting to make one out of washtubs...doing some research, hope we can accomplish a look as good as yours! :)

    • Kara Spurlock
      Kara Spurlock Huntington, WV
      on May 15, 2014

      I'm sure it will turn out great! Please post a pic when you get it finished! ;)

  • Nicolette T
    Nicolette T Tampa, FL
    on May 15, 2014

    Very pretty love the color love the shape - very nice!

    • Kara Spurlock
      Kara Spurlock Huntington, WV
      on May 15, 2014

      Thanks! I just couldn't find one (store bought) that I loved. And the prices!

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