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The Little Rustic Garden Shed That Tells a Story

My little rustic shed is all ready for summer with it's flowers and new junk!
Some may say it needs a good coat of paint. Or maybe it even needs some handy repairs.
But here is why it will always remain just the way it is...
(be sure to click the blog link to see the before!)
This little shed is all decked out for the start of summer! With flowers planted and new junk hung, it's as rustic as can be... for all the right reasons.
I don't consider myself a builder. So when I embellished a green house with fence boards and a rusty canning jar lid wreath, it FELT like I built it!
And from there, the shed continued to morph. The more I tinkered on it, the more I learned.
For years I've been wondering what my parents would think of my rustic ways of late. And then it reminded me why I DO like reclaimed wood and old signs and rusty tools and slightly overgrown, imperfect gardens.
I grew up on a very unfancy 40 acre farm, and to me, reclaimed and casual spells home. This shed represents my roots of where I came from, and who I continue to be today.
I've always dreamed of having a barn of my own. But just maybe, the story this shed is telling me is that I already have it...

To see more: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/2014/05/if-rustic-garden-sheds-could-tell-stories.html

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