Update Old Cameras With Paint for Fresh Room Decor

Fun, Fun, Fun! 07.26.15
As yard sale season begins, here is a tip for those of you who like to upcycle and redo: Buy those old film-only cameras that are broken or scratched and make them into something fresh and insteresting for that bookshelf now holding an eReader and no books!
Time: 3 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
This is the finished product minus the straps - in the next picturethey have the straps clipped on........I just washed them with a load of towels and they came out very nice.
While I had a specific color scheme in mind but did not have those colors. I did have three parts of cans leftover from other projects: Raspberry, Watermelon, and Ballet Slipper - so I went for the "Ombre" look!
I bought all of these at yards sales last weekend for a total cost of $7. They were very dusty and dirty so, using a toothbrush and dish soap I scrubbed them up and let them dry overnight........P.S. - there was actual film in the front one that appeared to have 7 of the 12 exposures taken. I'm going to get it developed just because I must see what's on it!
You must use Primer for Plastic on these first. I have seen others on Pinterest and Etsy where the black of the camera bleeds through making it look amateurish to me. They are charging $15 - $20 each for these little cameras - the big polaroid ones are upwards of $50! Just be sure to let the Primer completely dry before starting on the top coat - I did 3.

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  • Cave Candy
    Cave Candy Hong Kong
    I personally think they look a lot better post makeover. After spray painting, they just look so much more quirky and fun!
  • Mark Hopple
    Mark Hopple Harrison, NJ
    the whole point is to think out of the the box.. and show the world the creation that you are proud of..i personally don't like to paint over antiques.. but I have to admit some of the pics ive seen on here look pretty awesome.. and chances are the piece
  • Mark Hopple
    Mark Hopple Harrison, NJ
    good for you recycle reuse..
  • Darlene Carson
    Darlene Carson Warren, OH
    Never ever is their a reason to be rude!
  • Lori Jackson
    Lori Jackson Broken Bow, NE
    My husband often spray paints found objects for use in still life displays in his high school art room. He says that it helps the kids concentrate more on form.
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