Oak Hydrangea Leaf

simple crafts 05.18.16
Fantastic Oak Hydrangea Leaf made with vinyl concrete. Detailed directions HERE!
I have been making concrete leaves for many years. I have several throughout my yard used as bird baths, fountains/spitters and garden room décor. I will share those in a later blog. I also give them as gifts to family and friends.
This is going to be a step by step instructional.
Lately I have had several friends interested in making their own leaves. There are many instructions of different ways to make concrete leaves, but I have found over the fifteen years of making them that mine have stood the test of time. Including ice, snow, heat and grandchildren playing with them.
Start with a leaf. Big ones are nice but the smaller leaf of the oak hydrangea is my favorite.
VINYL Concrete Patcher (Quikrete)
Play Sand
Tub (large enough to hold the leaf)
Wheel Barrow or Tub to mix the Quikrete
Plastic Wrap
Plastic Gloves
Mound the sand up to the shape you want the leaf to take on and long enough for the leaf in a tub. Cover the sand with plastic wrap.
Mix the Quikrete with water extremely well with the hoe. Be sure to add plenty of water. Notice the consistency of the cement. Put the front side of the leaf on the mound of sand. Start putting the cement onto the leaf in small amounts and pat consistently to the form of the leaf.
It is best not to have any folds in the leaf, but this was quite a large leaf and was almost unavoidable. Not to worry though, it will still look great!
Let DRY- do not be anxious to see your finished leaf. I like to leave them up to a week depending on the weather to dry. Lift the leaf off carefully and let cure for several weeks before painting or using them.
This is the leaf in the above demonstration a year later.

To see more: http://www.shellknoblakegirl.com/milestones/oak-hydrangea-leaf

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  • Doris 'Turner' Courtois
    What I was wanting to know is once the concrete has dried, how to you carve/chip away the hardened concrete to make the shape of the leaf? Like the hydrangea leaf... the outline was there but how did you carve out the intricate shape of the leaf in
    • Heather Kennedy
      Doris 'Turner' Courtois We made these using giant rhubarb leaves and the veins on the leaf made the impression - no carving required! Just be sure to place the leaf 'face down' on the
  • Nancy kerr
    nancy kerr Ledgewood, NJ
    thank you. .My neighbor had these in her garden I knew it was a sand cast,had been looking for exact directions. I will be making some when house sitting at my daughters.
  • Carrie Cervantes
    Carrie Cervantes Dimondale, MI
    I like using the rhubarb and hosta leaves; they have beautiful veins. Once dried I can pain with metallic paint and seal and they look gorgeous!
  • DaNaD
    DaNaD Easton, PA
    I will try it with rhubarb leaves. Awesome idea , thank you for sharing.
  • Carrie Cervantes
    Carrie Cervantes Dimondale, MI
    Rhubarb and host a leaves work great! I like to color the concrete or paint afterwards
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