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Getting More White With DIY Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is the perfect thing to avoid all this and quickly finish the job. But there is no such paint here, and ordering takes too long and it is very expensive.So I done some research on the internet of how to make it myself, and I found that the best results can be achieved by using calcium carbonate mixed with the color in the ratio of one to two. Calcium carbonate is not easy to find, but worth the effort. Paint made ​​with it is nice and easy to apply, and if you don`t use all you prepared, you can leave it for another project. With other versions of DIY Chalk Paint it is not possible because the paint becomes unusable. Another advantage of this DIY Chalk paint is that it dries very quickly.I finished this project for a couple of hours.Just the thing for me, always impatient! I painted the console twice, then it I ended it with a layer of clear wax and dark patina so the beautiful carving become more striking.

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