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How to Personalize Soap With Funny Retro Graphics

Making personalized soap is really easy and fun. The images on the soap bars are sealed with Mod Podge and wax, so when use the soap the images won't wash off. They're great for gifts, and perfect as favors for weddings and showers.
I made these soaps for the 4th of July, so they have funny retro images and sayings like "Here's to a great fourth. Husband, that is." I have the free printables on my blog post.
Using my inkjet printer at home, I printed the images on a sheet of Craft Attitude film. Craft Attitude is a thin, printable skin that goes on practically any surface. It's available online and at Walmart and HSN. (Notice I printed the images in reverse. That's important for later.)
Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the surface of the soap. Cut the image to fit the soap, and peel the Craft Attitude film from its protective backing. Place it on the soap that has the Mod Podge on it, and rub it down with your fingers.
Apply another layer of Mod Podge on top of the image to seal it.
To make the image waterproof so you can use the soap, dip the side with the image in melted beeswax. I melted the beeswax in an electric skillet. This $20 skillet from Target is my wax skillet, so it's always on hand.
While I did these for the 4th of July, you can obviously use any designs you want. Try photos of family, friends, pets – whatever!

To see more: http://jonathanfongstyle.com/4th-of-july-retro-soap-bars-how-to-personalize-soap-with-craft-attitude/

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