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From Old And Faded To New And Fabulous Upcycled Garden Stepping Stones

Have you ever looked at something and realized how faded and outdated it became? That's exactly what happened to me recently.
I bought some resin garden stepping stones about fifteen years ago. They were nestled amongst a collection of spreading junipers that were growing along a slope on the east side of the house. The junipers had grown over the garden stepping stones and could hardly be seen. So I decided to move them over to another garden bed.
Difficulty: Easy
This is what they used to look like. The words that come to mind are old and faded and this will not do. I didn't want to get rid of them but I definitely wanted to update them. I now had an upcycling DIY project!
Here's a closeup of the before. Do you see what I am talking about?
Here's a closeup of the after. It's amazing what a some cans of spray paint primer, black paint and copper metallic paint can do on some resin garden stepping stones.
Now they look so much better in their new location in the garden bed in the front yard.
This upcycing DIY project is super easy to do. For more detailed instructions I invite you to visit my blog. Hope you are inspired!

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  • Nina Walker
    Nina Walker Kershaw, SC
    on Jun 28, 2014

    Great job

  • Jannifer Stoddard
    Jannifer Stoddard Boise, ID
    on Jun 28, 2014

    I adore those stepping stones!

  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Eustis, FL
    on Jun 28, 2014

    even the grass looks greener...nice job.

  • Audrey Gonzales
    Audrey Gonzales Pearsall, TX
    on Jun 28, 2014

    They look so much better!

  • Kathleen Potter
    Kathleen Potter New Gloucester, ME
    on Jun 28, 2014

    Do you think that would work with the concrete stepping stones? Mine lead to my new patio and look so ugly even with the plants surrounding the patio. Thanks to everyone in advance.

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