Finally The Perfect Solution To Inexpensive Drawer Organizers

Crafty Stuff 04.15.16
The Problem:
I am lucky to have a pretty big kitchen junk drawer that is perfect for storing things like pens and pencils, note cards, scissors, paper clips, lottery tickets that need to be checked and lots of other bits and pieces. My problem is that I wasn't happy with the plastic baskets I bought at the dollar store. They were too light weight and every time I opened the drawer they would all shift and sometimes flop over. So I had to readjust the baskets before I closed the drawer again. The times I couldn't be bothered lining up the baskets the drawer eventually ended up a disorganized mess.
Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Easy
I spent a long time shopping around for pricier drawer organizers but that was the problem for me. They were just not in my budget for the amount I needed. So I came up with my own inexpensive DIY solution!
The Solution:
I decided to make my own out of tissue boxes! As luck would have it my husband got quite a nasty flu bug that lasted five days. In no time I had my tissue boxes to repurpose!
This solution worked so well because I could cut the tissue boxes to fit the height of my drawer! I cut longer organizers from the length of the tissue box and smaller ones from the ends. The tissue box cardboard is pretty easy to cut but I did secure the ends of each one with a bit of tape.
Then I covered each box with white self adhesive covering. I chose the colour white because it makes the drawer less busy looking compared to if I had used a patterned self adhesive paper.
I also made black inserts from cardstock paper for the bottom of each organizer that I covered with a clear self adhesive covering. Now when I have to give it a quick cleaning I can just pull it out and give it a wipe. It also makes the organizer look more finished.
I also added one more thing. Remember how I said the plastic baskets and the contents shifted every time I opened the drawer? I decided to connect the organizer with clips to keep things really secure. Now if there is a bit of shifting all I have to do is give it one quick pull.
Keeping It Real:
Since I had to make quite a few it did take some time to trim the tissue boxes, cover them and make the inserts for the bottom. I just plopped myself on the living room floor and watched some movies while I worked on the project!
I am super happy with these new inexpensive DIY drawer organizers! I invite you to read the full tutorial on my blog. I can honestly say these are much better than the dollar store variety.

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  • Lc
    lc Clinton Township, MI
    My newest source for organizing is using slats from horizontal blinds. I've used plastic slats, and the last ones I pick were wood. That was a bonus.
    • Time With Thea
      Lc Another great idea. I am on the hunt now for inexpensive used wooden blinds. Thank you for another great idea!
  • Karen Reilly
    Karen Reilly Sunapee, NH
    I found a good one this morning I was going into the drawer for a plastic bag and of course the box was empty. I was just about to recycle it when I realized it was just the size I needed in my drawer I now have a dedicated spot for my meat thermometer,
  • Renata
    Renata Hermiston, OR
    That was such a pretty box I would have had a hard time cutting it up.... lol
    • Time With Thea
      Renata Too funny. Some tissue boxes are actually very pretty and between you and I some really do have the strangest designs. LOL
  • Humaira
    humaira Santa Fe, NM
  • Kim flynn
    Kim flynn Veradale, WA
    I've used the boxes that my coffee pods come in as well.
    • Time With Thea
      Kim flynn What a brilliant idea! The boxes are all the same size and easy to work with. Thank you for sharing!
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