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Around the House 07.02.14

DIY Outdoor End Table

After living in our home for 3 years I finally tackled our small outdoor space. I wanted it to be comfortable and cozy, like an extension of our home. I knew an end table would look good and be functional. When I couldn't find a metal one I liked I had to get creative.
My daughter found this in our fourth thrift store and it was the perfect size, but it was wood. I decided to buy some bright outdoor spray paint and get that table weatherproofed!
I must have used about 3 full cans of spray paint, because I do not want this to warp and only last us for one year. I covered and recovered every inch of this table.
It is perfect to hold my new DIY solar lamps and looks so cozy tucked in the corner of our patio. For all of the details head over to the blog post!

To see more: http://too-much-time.com/2014/07/outdoor-end-table-upcycle.html

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  • Hannah Vaughan
    Hannah Vaughan Brooklyn, NY
    Love that shade of blue and cute mason jars at the bottom!
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Kim @ Too Much Time On My Hands
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