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Steampunk Yard Art

My definition of steampunk art: adventurous spirit, steam power, gears, whimsical, inventive. A contraption of gadgets and gears all in a manner of assorted nonsense that intertwine to create a machine that is not only functional and practical, but unique and striking.
This contraption that a friend of by husband's family made years ago is the ultimate steampunk art. My husband said he and his brothers loved playing with this car for hours.
And whatever it takes to hold the whole thing together.
Is now used for yard art!
I filled a vintage colander with Vinca and placed on the seat.
A hypertufa container that I made several years ago, filled with chives sits on the front of the car. The car itself sits on a rock shelf just outside one of my gardens.

To see more: http://www.shellknoblakegirl.com/milestones/steampunk-yard-art

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