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  • Leslie D Las Vegas, NV
    Wow! That's a lot of work. Beautiful job, from layout to material/color choices. Congrats on your new kitchen!
  • Jan C Duluth, GA
    What a beautiful kitchen!! I love the wall color, even wrote it down, may use it myself! You did a fantastic job.
  • Pam D Alexandria, LA
    Beautiful results. I know you'll enjoy this kitchen. I would love it.
  • Becky H Tampa, FL
    Wow! I can appreciate every step of this process. Very nice kitchen!!
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    It is a long and complex journey....but the trip is always worth it in the end....you did a great job there.
  • Jan C Duluth, GA
    Rachel, what name brand is the Fern Gully paint? I think I want to use in my family room but can't find it online. Thanks in advance!!
  • Rachel Z Huntington, IN
    Jan I am looking for my card... I know that I got it from the local Do It Center, If I don't find it I will call my paint gal at the hardware store. They keep records on all that, and I will let you know.
  • Jan C Duluth, GA
    Thanks, Rachel! I appreciate it.
  • Rachel Z Huntington, IN
    Jan C, I found my paint swatch it does not say what brand but the information on the back of the card is as follows.


  • Jan C Duluth, GA
    Rachel, thanks soooo much!!! I've printed that and will take it to my local Ace and see if they can help me. Can't wait to use this on my family room. The kitchen is a pale sage green, half as light as this and when you come in the door you see
  • Rachel Z Huntington, IN
    Your welcome, after searching through the paint swatches I caught the bug and feel the need to update my bedroom. Its in need of freshening up. I found what I hope will be just the right color. Happy painting!
  • The Space Between Key West, FL
    Holy Cow, what an upgrade!! Nice work!
  • love this kitchen , love all the colors , inspires me to get mine done more , only if i can find a floor plan , starting to thing that taking a wall down to expand our kitchen was a bad idea . but yours has given me hope .
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