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Simple Organizing for Your Studio, Home Office and More

Spending time trying to find what I need drives me crazy! As a blogger, I had dishes, props and supplies in a few different locations in our home, and could never find what I wanted in a hurry.
We also had stuff spread out throughout the house, making it messy all the time. So we decided to swap rooms. We moved all the Living Room furniture into the Dining Room and made a Family Room, and turned the Living Room into our Studio.
Towels and napkins were a big issue. I had tried several different ways to store them, and think I finally came up with a great solution. I used Tension Rods between the units, ironed and draped the towels and napkins over them.
This is the Living Room during the moving process of switching rooms.
The 4 shelving units are in place and ready for some organization. The great thing – this system will work for any Home Office, Kitchen, Child’s Room or even a Homeschool Room
The straws were simply put into glass containers to hold them.
And for the Cutting Boards and other long items, we used a Rib Rack that is suppose to be for grilling.
One of the favorite pieces is this letter organizer, the metal look fits great with our Vintage Home, and holds lots of supplies and props.
You can see more of our Studio Organizing by clicking the link below.

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