I converted my coat closet to a craft closet/work space

Getting it done 4 days ago
I organized all my craft/sewing materials using thrift store items and repurposed a bunch of things I already had. Shelf paper in a modern color and pattern helped make it look cute! Now it's my mom cave. Lots of organizing tips here!

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  • Laura G
    Laura G Evergreen Park, IL
    I love it! Great job. However, I need a craft "wing" on my house...lol
  • Rita S
    Rita S Davenport, IA
    Great Job! I wish I had a room, or even a closet to convert to my sewing room.
  • Anita Roll Murals
    Anita Roll Murals Alpharetta, GA
    Nice job! I would love to have something like that.
  • Melanie M
    Melanie M Asheville, NC
    You have given me some great ideas for my craft room
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    Some brilliant ideas, especially the pants hanger for ribbon. I will definitely follow your example! Thanks for sharing!
  • Shelley
    Shelley Beaumont, TX
    I am SO stealing your idea! I have a closet that I tried to make a "mom cave" but failed miserably and now I know why! Thanks again for the inspiration!
  • April
    April Vancleve, KY
    gorgeous!!!love it!!!
  • Maryna Mare
    WOW - what lovely ideas
  • Penny
    Penny Gaston, OR
    I love it, so organized. thank you for sharing.
  • Alys
    Alys San Jose, CA
    What a clever way to store fabric. You've done a lovely job making this functional and beautiful.
  • Debbie A
    That is a beautiful space...love it!
  • Karla @ Small Town Rambler
    I absolutely love this!!!
  • Cindy
    Cindy Franklinton, LA
    I love the colors! Awesome Job
  • Karen patterson
    karen patterson Springdale, AR
    this is very good. ha! now come over and do mine.
  • Katie @ Fun Home Things
Lina D