Stylish Bath Toy Storage That Transforms to Guest Luxury

The bathroom nearest our kids' rooms doesn't have a tub, so we instead bath the kids in the guest bathroom. Our boys have lots of bath toys that always ended up stacking on the side of the tub because by the time they were dry enough to put away in the cabinet, it was time for another bath.
Time: 1 Hour Cost: $30 Difficulty: Easy
I needed to find a storage solution that allowed us to clean up while the toys were still wet, and I had three requirements: (1) no suction cups - they never stick; (2) it had to be stylish; (3) it needed to be able to swap out to a more adult use when guests visit.
We finally came up with the perfect solution!
We purchased an Ikea Grundtal rail and installed it above the tile tub surround. The buckets that are made to hang from the rail are cute, but at $10-16 each, they were more than I wanted to spend. Then I discovered that the Rationell Recycling Bins also fit the Grundtal rail, and are much more affordable at only $4 each.
Since I wanted to be able to put all of the tub toys away while still wet, we drilled holes in the bottom of each Rationell to allow the water to drain out. After filling a bin with water to test the effectiveness of our holes, we discovered that we needed to add an additional row of holes along the front edge so that water wouldn't pool.
Since I wanted this storage to be both functional and stylish, I added fun bath related words to the front of each bin.
We leave these bins full of tub toys hanging from the rail the majority of the time, but when we have guests visiting, I simply tuck the bins away in a cabinet, and use the rail to hang a towel, a magazine and other bath essentials. The bathroom doesn't have a towel bar near the tub, so this is a perfect solution and gives the bathroom a spa like feel.
You can read all of the details, including how I added the words to the bins, in the full blog post.

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  • Renee Dowling
    Renee Dowling Saint Paul, MN
    YOU are brilliant!
  • Myra
    Myra Granite Falls, NC
    craft room!
  • KrysFL
    KrysFL Lakeland, FL
    Interesting... I am assuming by your surround you don't have a shower, never saw a tub without a shower. Unfortunately for me, no way the hubs is allowing me to drill thru our tiles. :( otherwise cute idea!
    • Angela, Blue i Style
      Our guest room has a separate shower. I have seen this done similarly with a shower curtain tension rod - but if it's a shower you use regularly the tub toys would just end up getting wet all the time. It might work for you if you use it primarily as a
  • Sahar Harb-Selahi
    I cant seem to find those plastic bins anymore on ikea :(
    • Angela, Blue i Style
      Sahar Harb-Selahi Sadly I think they recently discontinued them (but you never know if they'll bring them back - it's happened before). They have numerous other bins that
  • Adorable Home
    Adorable Home New York, NY
    What a great idea! Good job, Angela :)
Angela, Blue i Style