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  • Margaret M Belfair, WA
    I toured a local Nursery and landscaping center yesterday with my Garden club and saw a fantastic re-purposing of wine bottles there. The owner had access to tons of bottles from local restaurants and bars and had used them as borders for gardens. I love
  • Nanette F Mount Juliet, TN
    Don't have photo yet, but flip them upside down and use to make a garden border. Dig trench, pop them in, and really push soil firmly around them to hold. My husband has been yet to break them with John Deere or string weeder. Labels will decompose, but
  • Betty B Cypress, TX
    LOL - What do I do with wine BOXES?? Love the ideas. Really like the garden border by the upturned bottles. Wish there were some directions for so you I dont end up breaking the bottles.
  • Betty B Cypress, TX
    Nanette F - how funny - your note was not there when I typed my note! Beer bottles work? Hubby drinks a Shiner Beer every night with dinner. I always thought beer bottles were thinner glass than wine bottles.
  • Tammy K North Fort Myers, FL
    my husband took different alchol bottles, sprayed them inside with can spray paint,, different colors each, puting them upside down on poles , beside our fish pond , they are kool looking later we plan on stringing lights threw them,
  • Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    I use all sorts of bottles for vases...washed out a tabasco sauce green bottle, left in the plastic pouring insert and the small flower stand up straight! Also, oilive oil bottles with colorful labels make a delightful vase...leave in the pouring insert
  • Mark B Akron, OH
    anyone have any ideas on how best to cut wine bottles? I want to invert them and use them as herb planters.
  • Nanette F Mount Juliet, TN
    Yep, any glass bottles will do. Love the painted bottle idea. Bottles tree are also very popular in south. They are supposedly to keep away bad spirits. Beer bottles are thinner, so I intersperse them with other alcohol bottles. That's also why i don't
  • Betty B Cypress, TX
    Mark B - There are some bottle cutters available. My distributor has 2, one for $24.95 (looks like a glass cutter and a compass) and the other is $35 The As Seen on TV - has an actual stand - looks more steady.
  • Betty B Cypress, TX
    Nanette - nice ideas, I had heard the one about the tires. I'm sure they are quite plentiful if you keep an eye out for them. Wonder if they leach anything into the ground?
  • Owen Richards Lake Dallas, TX
    Sure would like to know how they cut the bottom of the bottles off?
  • Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    I love all these bottles! I don't actually collect bottles, but I will admit I do have a fascination with them. My sister received a gift that was purchased at a gift shop...her friend did not make it...that was a half gallon wine jug (green) with a loop
  • Donita Twentynine Palms, CA
    Questions regarding cutting wine bottles. I too used the "Bottle Cutter" but it was to many steps and didn't always have a nice smooth cut. So one day as I was watching "House Crashers w/ Josh Temple(love him) he was making a bar with the bottoms of wine
  • Joseth Scott Hinesville, GA
    I collect unusual-shaped bottles, but I use different colors of dehydrated florists gel to decorate mine. More than one color can also be layered or mixed for variety, and, the florist gel can also be used in potted plants to reduce watering
  • Carole West Greenville, TX
    The last picture with the green bottle bottoms - Love it!