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  • Jane
    Jane Overton, NE

    could you give me instructions on the counter top with the wallpaper please?

  • Carla K
    Carla K Ouray, CO

    It's simple. I bought the wallpaper online through Illusion Wallpaper. also called Berlin Wallpaper. They offer a variety of different marble and stone look paper and they also have a video with instructions on how to use this wallpaper. It's so very

  • Jane
    Jane Overton, NE

    thank you.

  • Patty A
    Patty A New Milford, CT

    great idea! I, too, would like more complete instructions on how you achieved that gorgeous marble look on the toilet, etc. Is it durable? What products were used? Maybe I missed the directions....thanks and good job!

  • Diana Deiley
    Diana Deiley Nokomis, FL

    You are so funny......faux finished toilet seat! Great conversation piece for sure! Thanks for sharing all your hard work. Great job.

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