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Easy Umbrella Upgrade!

Happy Wednesday Friends! My patio umbrellas take a beating from our Texas sun. I have two and they were both dreadfully faded. I prefer the metal crank variety and have not seen any colors this season that appeal to me. Besides, they are so expensive! Not quite sure what to expect, I took a chance on spray painting them. Instant upgrade--three cans of spray paint and one hour later, my two umbrellas went from drab to fab!
This is the larger of the two umbrellas--it took not quite two cans. I opened each all the way, propped on its side as shown, and painted one at a time. Plastic drop cloth from the dollar store is underneath. I gave careful attention to spraying in even strokes. I would not attempt this project on a windy day! Also, keep in mind when you choose a paint color, that it does show on the underside. Since my umbrellas were faded to a pale green, the bright yellow covered sufficiently and also gave a consistent appearance underneath. Dark, contrasting colors might not have the same effect.
Here are my bright "new" umbrellas! I used what I already had and spent less than 1/2 the cost of one umbrella--happy dance!
I would love to hear about your latest projects!

To see more: http://mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com/2014/07/easy-umbrella-upgrade.html

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