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My fairy tale style shed

This is a 2 story shed I built with the help of a friend a few years ago. It actually has a second floor loft that is accessible via a permanent ladder inside. It has double garage doors in the back with ramps so I can get my tractor in and out easily. There are cedar shakes near the roof on the sides with a cute little window with shutters that swing out cottage style. I used old windows and an old door I had lying around and then built the shutters and window boxes. There is a matching window on the side and the windowbox flowers overflow by mid summer and cover half the windows. I love my little fairy tale shed and enjoy decorating it for summer. Deer, groundhogs and other wildlife enjoy hanging out there. Thanks for letting me share my love of gardening.
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  • Sherry S
    Sherry S Englewood, TN
    I think it is adorable! I love all the decorative touches. Flowers makes happy too!
  • Mary M
    Mary M Spencer, TN
    Debbie, this is so adorable!!!! You did a great job in decorating the front!!!
  • White Oak Studio Designs
    Cute as a bug, you did a great job! I'll share a few pics of our playhouse.

    Small House / Big Sky Donna / White Oak Studio Designs / SWMichigan

  • Timberlane Shutters
    Timberlane Shutters Montgomeryville, PA
    The shutters add so much appeal to this fairy tale shed!
  • Val E
    Val E Grand Rapids, MI
    I would make it an outdoor retreat, to read, be by myself, study, sounds and looks grand. Probably would never go back in the house.
    • Patsy
      Patsy Magnolia, TX
      Val E me too! =) soo cute and cozy.. is there any inside pictures?
  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith Fredericksburg, VA
    That is darling, how clever and handy you are, ^-^
  • Carmella Milicia
    i want one so bad
  • Caitlyn
    Caitlyn San Jose, CA
    I'm with Carmella Milicia ! I need a shed so I can use your shed as inspiration! = )
  • LeAnn Sheppard Schalau
    If you ever decide to do the inside for a studio or gardening shed or other purpose than a shed please post pics of the inside! It has so much potential already. I love this!
  • Sandy Bowlin
    Sandy Bowlin Gilbertsville, KY
    Oh my gosh, I just love this little house, love the colors and the size, love everything about it! Great job!!
  • Mary M
    Mary M Spencer, TN
    Sweet little gardening shed!!!! I wish I had one like it!! Like the other posts, please post pictures of the inside.
  • Nancy De Blauw
    What a lovely job you have done. You're very talented. I've a couple of grandchildren who would be arguing over who would get to hang out there with the deer, groundhogs, etc. Thanks for sharing.
  • Adriana
    Adriana Argentina
    ohhh I love it!!!!!! looks like a fairy tale cottage!
  • Ana Rico
    Ana Rico Portugal
    Lovely ! colors , everything ! Great job !
  • Teri
    Teri Ferndale, WA
    What can I say but....Great job and so cute.
Debbie M

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