reuseable junk 04.12.14

DIY Cowboy Cooler

I was in love with the look of a rustic cooler for our patio, but was turned off by the high prices. So my husband and I took an old cooler apart and built our own! The base is held by a 2x2 frame, covered in reclaimed fence posts found by the curb. We attached a spigot to the drain hole in the cooler for drainage, used an antler shed for the handle, and added a bottle opener for decoration. It was so easy, and only $30 in supplies (since we had the cooler and fence wood on hand). You can check out the full step-by-step tutorial on my blog ( http://www.killerbdesigns.com/rustic-cooler-... ) to see how to make your own! It's a great addition to our back porch, and was so easy to make.


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  • Sue G Chesapeake, VA
    Drmccadexavie.....WHAT are your 5 posts about?????? This post is about a HOME MADE COOLER!! I could care less about Abercrombie & Filth...You got the money for it,,,,What are you doing on a do it yourself page?? I guess everyones gotta be somewhere
  • TaniaC Fairfield, IL
    My thoughts exactly Sue G You beat me to the punch .. This was happening a couple of days ago too with some other string of Spam on this exact same post GRRRR Go post some where else Drmccadexavie
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Sue G and Tania...when you see stuff like that you can flag it as "Spam" and a note will go to the admin people...as you can see. Those posts got removed.
  • TaniaC Fairfield, IL
    Thanks KMS for the info, will do next time I see something that I don't think belongs on here...:)
  • Marci N Florence, OR
    Cool but it needs some wheels...
  • Linda A Navarre, FL
    Real good idea for the party people in our family!
  • Barbara Mc Kenzie, TN
    been wanting one but didnt want to spend the money that is smart ideal
  • Now that is about as cool as you can get!!
  • Hilda Storey Camano Island, WA
    Great repurposing
  • Wayne Johnson Converse, TX
    Some places have old wood pallets for free, you can break one apart and use the wood to build one.
  • Cool idea
  • Vicki Sturgill Grayson, KY
    Add a rustic star or horseshoe for a personal touch.
  • Barbara Ann Claremont, CA
    OH This is great!! We have a Orchard Store by us. They have no tax days. My hubby saw a cooler just like this but it was more than I would let him spend since I buy my paint at the boo boo table. But he wanted it. Drat! They were out of stock. They gave
  • Denise S. Temecula, CA
    This is so cool. You both are artistic and builder savvy. It is specially nice when the husband is with you on this stuff-or- vice-versa! You know you could sell these!
  • BarinaCraft Dublin, OH
    Agree with Marci N about adding some wheels for portability. Sort of a beer and wine cooler bar cart for entertaining outdoors. Great idea ☺