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Make A DIY Butterfly Feeder In 6 Easy Steps

Encourage butterflies to visit your yard and pollinate your plants by making a butterfly feeder. It's easy! You'll need: A small jar (a mason jar or a baby food jar will work), hammer and nails, string, a sponge, sugar, water and construction paper.
The first few steps are below the photo, but for the full tutorial, visit: http://blog.brightnest.com/2012/06/24/attract-butterflies-by-making-a-diy-butterfly-feeder/

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  • Jane
    Jane Chelsea, MI

    @Love your site!

  • Columbia1
    Columbia1 Columbia, MD

    Wonderful! I planted Lantana in my flower bed this summer and the butterflies like it but not as much as I had hoped. This would certainly be useful and I could hang along with my humming bird feeder the tree. When visiting a indoor butterfly garden

    • Helen Rooney
      Helen Rooney Summerville, SC

      @Columbia1 They love Milkweed. It grows tall so plant in back of garden behind other shorter plants

  • Netta
    Netta La Verkin, UT

    Does the sponge prevent hummingbirds from getting the "food"? How often do you need to change the sponge?

  • Southwest Greens Of San Francisco & San Jose

    These are so precious. Definitely a great idea!

  • Meena Juneja

    Beautiful idea..💖

  • Mark_r_stevenson
    Mark_r_stevenson Kansas City, MO

    Plant Agastache and the tall white catnip, too!

  • Connie
    Connie Easley, SC

    Why is there such a small amount of sugar/water is the jar ? Do you have to constantly shake the jar to wet the sponge ?

  • Daveicrave
    Daveicrave Bella Vista, AR

    I did it and all I got were bees and ants. I was not happy

    • Cathy
      Cathy Lakeside, CA

      Try using a smaller bowl for butterfly food, sitting in a larger water filled bowl..will keep out ants...but not bees.

  • Audrey L White
    Audrey L White Corbin, KY

    Nice I can do this. Thanks for sharing

  • GrannyB384
    GrannyB384 Greeneville, TN

    I don' t think there is any way to stop the bees, but you an stop the ants by putting Vaseline on the wire used to hang the feeder from or around the bottom side of the dish if it is sitting on top of something rather than being hung. Be sure to use

  • Elizabeth Hamaty
    Elizabeth Hamaty Abilene, TX

    I make a mixture of over ripe bananas, a little molasses, and some stale beer. I pour it on pieces of bark that I put in a flat pan. I do get some wasp sometimes,but not too bad. If you get ants put the pan in a larger pan with some water in it.

  • Robin Costulas
    Robin Costulas Ocala, FL

    The link doesn't work

  • Henry J
    Henry J Beverly Hills, CA

    HUGE MISTAKE: sugar will actually harm the butterflies. It crystallises in their belly and prevents the female's egg production. Sure, you can make your garden prettier, but you're harming the butterflies with sugar. Use honey instead and keep it

  • Daveicrave
    Daveicrave Bella Vista, AR

    I put out sliced oranges last year and all I got were big black ants.

    • Jeri Payton Thiede
      Jeri Payton Thiede Grand Island, NE

      @Charlotte You have to be careful that birds don't get caught in the Vaseline or get it on their feathers. Learned some of that the hard way. See my ant cup.

  • Janeellenjones1

    Good thing I read the comments, according to commentor Henry J, sugar harms female butterflies. Sure wouldn't want to do that, so will use honey as he recommends, good to know.
    Sure glad I found this article while looking for another subject on

    • Janettey
      Janettey Mesa, AZ

      @Krista Ree I enjoyed your link to all the good info and on hands research for butterflies.
      Thank you

  • Sue
    Sue Coolidge, AZ

    Thanks Henry J. for the good info.

  • Debbie Maree Greer
    Debbie Maree Greer Rock Hill, SC

    Glad I read the comments.No sugar

  • Lesley
    Lesley Mohrsville, PA

    Actually a saucer or pie plate filled with water, plus a rock for a resting area is fine. I also dissolve a small amount of salt as they need this in their diet.

  • Elaine Derstine

    such good ideas & hints

  • Nancydotslash

    I've heard that honey is not good so if sugar is a no-no what? Too many differing opinions.

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