A tree house, a fort or secret hideout. A simple, easy DIY hideaway fo

Backyard 04.29.16
Hop on over for the "how to" tutorial at http://www.thehandmadehome.net/2012/06/a-handmade-hideaway/

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  • Polly Zieper
    Polly Zieper Fort Lauderdale, FL
    just found the tutorial, oops,I'm so impulsive.
  • Darla
    Darla Montgomery Village, MD
    How about making it a little taller and having the tool shed underneath?
  • Kristin Nesbit
    Kristin Nesbit Jenison, MI
    Did you make your own curtains? I was going to purchase some outdoor curtains for my front wall, but I'm afraid how it will look when it's closed- I imagine the bottom is not straight.
  • S.Harley
    S.Harley Burbank, CA
    So cute!
  • Hildegarde
    Hildegarde Germany
    This is so cool! I love it.