Terra Cotta Pot Fountain

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INSTRUCTIONS: You can see from the picture what kind of pots I used. The large basin on the bottom is plastic. You can also use a very large terra cotta saucer, but it doesn't hold much water and you have to keep refilling. I know because I tried it.

You can use any size pots you want. I like the strawberry pot because the water comes out of the holes.

The pump sits on the bottom of the big basin. You put a large size pot upside down in the big bowl to cover the pump as you see it in the picture, then stack other pots as you like. Then you just run clear hose (Lowes) from the pump (also Lowes) up to the top saucer. You have to do a little cutting and drilling on the first pot that the pump is under. Cut out a little space on the edge of that pot so the electrical cord can run through and so that the pot can sit flat and also drill a few holes in the upper rim of that pot so water can flow inside to the pump. Since the pots already have holes in the bottom, you will only have to drill through the center of the saucers to run the hose up.

You have to use a masonry bit. They are a little expensive, but well worth it. You should get a bit large enough to drill a hole the same size as the holes in the pots. Then get a hose wide enough, but one that will easily slide through to the top. I got everything I needed

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  • Judy Gerardi
    Judy Gerardi Anaheim, CA
    Lowes or Home Depot sell them, and probably other home improvement stores.
  • Frank
    Frank Buhl, ID
    if you are worried about algae, just put about a 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide into the water and it will stay sparkle clear and clean. won't hurt any plants or animals, or birds.
    • Karon
      Karon Canada
      Great tip. Another,'why didn't I think of that' ?
  • Darlene twynstra
    Beautiful!! Going to try this one.
  • Cheryl Connelly Spears
    This is beautiful!!
  • Leola Zakos
    Leola Zakos Pensacola, FL
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