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what is the best and easiest way to drill holes in terra cotta pots, and inexpensive?

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  • Walter Reeves Decatur, GA
    I use a carbide masonry bit and go REAL SLOW without much pressure. Figure out a way to support the pot under the drill hole so the back side of the clay doesn't suddenly pop out under pressure.
  • Debbie M Hazleton, PA
    I use a masonry bit also. It works great on terra cotta.
  • Liz C Garnerville, NY
    Im not handy in the slightest but my husband bought me a basic, smaller sized "Girly" drill bc I asked for one....So it's not really the drill you have but the special "BITS" you would need to attach to your drill, so you can drill through terra cotta.
  • Harriette N Knightdale, NC
    Thanks to all of you for your time and information regarding the masonry bits!
  • Harriette N Knightdale, NC
    Hi Liz, what is the name of the smaller drill your husband bought for you? I'll check it out on Amazon once I know the brand name. Thanks for your help!
  • Harriette N Knightdale, NC
    I need a clarification about a response
  • The drill bit you need is sold at your local hardware store and big box stores for around $3.00 Its a masonry bit.

    The drill you would want to purchase depends upon what other types of projects your looking to do in the future. HD sells

  • Liz C Garnerville, NY
    Harriette...the drill is actually in my garage @ this very moment that I'm reading your comment.....so first thing tommorow, I will go in and check the name brand for you and let you know!
  • Terri C Lower Lake, CA
    I have a hand held Dremmel that I like to use for various projects and it works very well for drilling, carving, cutting , sanding etc . . there are a lot of different kinds of bit and cutter wheels that you can get with it or for it . .at most hardware
  • Harriette N Knightdale, NC
    What kind of bit for the Dremmel; I have one of these already, would love to be able to use it for this project. Thanks!
  • Dremmel makes drill bits for tile. Those would work fine, only the holes will be quite small. But using a tile cutting tip you would be able to make the holes larger.
  • Harriette N Knightdale, NC
    Thanks again everybody, a lot of really helpful info.
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