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Shaggy Rag Rug Dorm Decor

My daughter fell in love with the shaggy rag rugs so we decided to make one from recycled materials.
Hers is a small. Just the right size for a seat cover, dresser top or accent, but you can easily follow her lead to make one as big as you want..
It is so plush and soft. It is hard to imagine its humble beginnings.
We started with cheap sheets from the thrift store and dyed them in the yard. You can read more about the process below.
Then she ripped the sheets into strips.
An extra piece of non-slip rug mat was the base.
She knotted each strip onto the rug mat. Some tutorials just pull them through but she wanted hers to be extra strong.
She skipped rows so it wasn't too tight.
TaDa! Ready for school!

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  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    on Aug 14, 2014

    How cute! Smart daughter! Tell her to hang onto that imagination! It will serve her well!

    • Brooke Bock
      Brooke Bock Tyrone, PA
      on Aug 14, 2014

      @Jeanette S I tell her that all the time.... Thank you Jeanette!

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Aug 14, 2014

    What a fun idea! She clearly takes after her creative mom!

  • Katrina Warren
    Katrina Warren Levelland, TX
    on Aug 15, 2014

    Love it & your color choices!

    • Brooke Bock
      Brooke Bock Tyrone, PA
      on Aug 17, 2014

      @Katrina Warren I Love the colors she chose too!

  • Diane Cestrone
    Diane Cestrone Atkinson, NH
    on Aug 15, 2014

    love love love this idea. great great great!!

  • Roxanne
    Roxanne Nags Head, NC
    on Aug 15, 2014

    I gotta say, sweet comments like this are bringing me back. Lovely rug, too! :)

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